Obama was born a poor black child too

OK, stole that head from a Steve Martin movie…what the heck, maybe it will get me a few page hits.

I only mention it at all because of the latest greatest fufuraw, with some idiot millionarie Donald Trump, the only guy on the planet who ran a gambling casino that had to declare bankruptcy, boosting his TV ratings by (a) pretending to run for president and (b) pretending to think that Obama was born a poor black child who is not a natural born citizen.

I cannot believe the media circus around this.

OK, yes I can. Maybe that’s why I’m commenting on it now. It’s all about web hits, and some jerk boosting his own fortunes by making idiotic claims so it will enflame the media to seek those web hits by condemning him is the MO of the web-hit-hungry. The boys on the bus all follow the bus with the other boys, and when one of those buses plunges off a cliff the other follows.

And so am I. I expect the reaction to this to blow our servers out of the water.

Should I mention Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are secret lovers, maybe? Ya never know. We certainly can’t prove they are not. Neither can they.

Anyway, I did like this page (click) which ought to set the thing to rest for once and all, although it won’t. Video of the kid’s birth wouldn’t. The page calls a spade a spade (as it were–racial connotation intended) and says what this is really about: Racism, pure and simple.

Which it is.

Notice also how it got people not talking about the Don’s real qualifications? His scummy business practices that caused him to have to declare banktruptcy three times? His attitude that, when you owe the bank a million dollars it is the bank that has a problem, not you?

Yeah, that’s the guy I want balancing the federal budget. But, no, we talk about birthers.

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10 Responses to Obama was born a poor black child too

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Ross Perot, Alan Keyes, Ron Paul, and now Donald Trump are among the prominent recent “Conspiracy Theory” candidates.

  2. Laurie Edwards says:

    Ross Perot, Alan Keyes, Ron Paul, and Donald Trump: My God, what a collection of nutjobs. If that group told me the sky was blue, I’d swear on my mother’s virtue it wasn’t. Talk about a whole new mountain of stupid.

  3. Jim W says:

    Perhaps we should select our next President via a reality show.

    Something along the lines of the Hunger Games.

  4. Bob Becker says:

    Trump led his companies to bankruptcy three times? Why isn’t he CEO of Citibank, or at least Chairman of the Board? He has all the qualifications.

    Or, with a CV like that, he could certainly qualify to be head of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, given the Bear Stearns and other Wall Street insiders the President has already appointed to key positions.

  5. hawg says:

    poor “half” black child.
    sorta loses something in the translation

  6. laytonian says:

    I’m surprised the “house troll” hasn’t jumped in on this.
    Day off?

  7. ZENOS says:

    Editor Charles T.

    …”A horse is a horse, of coarse, of coarse,,that is of coarse

    unless the horse, is of coarse, the Famous Mr. ED.”

    “…Go right to the source, and ask the horse…He’ll give you

    that you endorse. He’s always on a steady coarse…

    Talk to Mr. ED…” {editor}

    {VIACOM Sound Track}

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