Legislators HB477 reasons-making it all up? Mostly.

Interesting story in the Trib about the justification behind claims by Legislative leadership that they really really REALLY needed HB 477 becasue of all the cost and abuse.

Kudos to the Trib for asking to see the proof (click) ¬†and discovering that the reasons were, for the most part, made up out of whole cloth. I find the estimates of the “cost” of staff time especially questionable. How much of that cost was really out of pocket money spent, as opposed to “this is what an hour of that staff time is worth” becasue the employee makes it anyway, and if they hadn’t been looking up these documents they’d certainly have been doing something else valuable because no state employee every goofs off.

Their claims that they need to protect personal/confidential information are also spurious — the current bill already does that, and numerous rejections for information are noted.

Makes you wonder what the lawmakers were really up to? OK, not really. Power grabs are really pretty obvious.

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2 Responses to Legislators HB477 reasons-making it all up? Mostly.

  1. Neal Humphrey says:

    You have to remember, this is the same mob of miscreants who offered similar feckless explanations after they gave Kevin Garn a standing ovation.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    Charlie, I guess the only suspense left is whether the new GRAMA effort will be an honest one or not. If it’s the latter, the battle continues.

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