Hatred of Press, Environmentalists, steers Utah law

Actually, this blog isn’t about HB 477 — tomorrow’s column will be all about that, as will other stories and editorials as we come up on Friday’s special session of the Legislature that will, allegedly, repeal that piece of horse crud.

Only because I don’t have room in tomorrow’s column, this is more about the whole general “why” of it all. Also, to remind folks of another bill, equally as odious as HB 477, that got buried.

HB 399 was just signed by Gov. Herbert. The bill puts a financial penalty on anyone who has the unmitigated gall to challenge the state for environmental reasons. If you attack an approved project in court, you now have to post a bond to cover the costs of the poor misbegotten contractors who might suffer if you hold the project up and lose the suit.

It’s a clear and shameless attack on those pesky environemntalists who keep blabbering on about clean air and water, as if those were essential. Ok, they ARE essential, but what business is that of yours?

Anyway, that plus the aforementioned HB 477 show how the Legislators — and by extension the power brokers of the state — hate anyone who gets in their way and are not at all bashful about using the power of the state to crush them. Their goal is to develop and make money, and if you dare say that your own quality of life is more important than that, well, you get crushed.

This is why the Legislature doesn’t want you or me, or anyone, looking at their dealings. This is why they don’t want to be challenged in court. This is why they want you, the residents of Utah, to sit down, shut up, do what you’re told and quit complaining because THEY KNOW BETTER THAN YOU.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: They do this because they’re trying to reduce government and take our country back.

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7 Responses to Hatred of Press, Environmentalists, steers Utah law

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Charlie, you mentioned to me Rolly’s column where House members voted to limit gold-plated health care benefits for life and then begged the Utah Senate to kill the bill so they’d have “cover.” It’s all utterly shameful.

  2. rulon black says:

    i wonder if this bill will pass court review? It seems that requiring a bond to be posted to file an appeal goes agasinst the constitution. A basic constitutional right is the right to ask for redress of grievenances. This seems that it would force a citizen or group to pay to use basic rights. What is the differeence between this and the outlawed southern states requirement of a poll tax, imposed on blacks, before being allowed to vote? It is easy for the legislature to pass these types of requirements since the taxpayers are required to pay for the defense of this bill.

  3. ctrentelman says:

    It is clearly unconstitutional, Rulon — that’s why the previous two governors vetoed the precise same thing. Gov. Herbert seems to lack spine.

  4. Ben Pales says:

    I’ve done a fair amount of thinking the past few weeks concerning why our Legislature acts as it does. I have come up with several different reasonings on why different Legislators vote the way that they do. I’d like to throw these out and see if anyone else thinks that I am right on, or not.
    1. Money (fairly obvious)
    2. \The\ Church. For 2 different reasons though.
    A. Trying to espouse the LDS Church teachings into Law.
    B. Thinking that in Church dealings, the Bretheren expect to hand out orders and assignments, and they are followed. Therefore, the Legislature should be able to hand out laws, and the members should just follow them.
    C. Following Ranks. Some law makers follow their leadership either out of fear, or just blind obedience.

    I do believe that All Legislators most of the time follow their concience, or Greed, and that is what generaly guies them. But, I believe the above reasons are why we see some really whacked out laws that come from this body here in Utah.

  5. M Ray Kingston says:

    Doesn’t Michael Waddoups own and run a property Management firm in Salt Lake City? Aren’t most legislators connected one way or another to real estate, developers, title companies, bankers, construction companies, or…….big business? Wasn’t Gary-the-’Guv’nor Herbert, the man who founded “Herbert & Associates Realtors”, an Orem-based brokerage firm, and wasn’t Gary-the-Guv the President of the “Utah Association of Realtors”, and a board member of the Provo-Orem “Chamber of Commerce”? What can the poor citizen expect, when they continue to elect these men over and over again and again? This isn’t about party. It is about only two things – GREED AND POWER. There is a lot of money to be made buying up land, and turning it into subdivisions, soccer stadiums, with all the supporting infrastructure, roads, water, paid for by the public. Their mantra is GROWTH. This is the word which is used to submit all of us to their profit-making plans. WE MUST HAVE GROWTH TO STAY ALIVE, TO BRING IN MORE PROPERTY AND SALES TAXES, AND TO SUSTAIN OUR CAPITALIST SYSTEM. Any attempt at creating a shared interest among the public (health insurance/communications/utilities/?) is referred to as SOCIALISM. The LAND BARONS, BANDED TOGETHER THUS, ARE NOT CAPITALISTS, BUT FASCISTS, SINCE THEY MAKE THE RULES, CONTROL THE MONEY, AND CONTROL THE POLITICAL DIALOGUE. ALL UNDER THE GUISE OF FAMILY VALUES, ANTI-ABORTION, AND FEAR – AND MORE FEAR.

  6. Bill says:

    The king is a fink…

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