Legislature to Utah Public: Go Away

Yeah, I know, members of the Legislature are greatly misunderstood people who are only trying to do their best for the public, serving selflessly through those long dreary hours at the Capitol and nobody appreciates them.


Horse cookies. They’re on a power grabbing tear and don’t want anyone questioning them.

Latest outrage: Gutting GRAMA, the public access to information act. They claim they’re updating it to reflect new technology, but what they’re really doing is making it harder to access what they do, and more expensive.

The complaint is that government offices can’t get anything done because they have to spend soooooo much time answering GRAMA requests from that pesky media. Am I the only one who thinks that dealing with the public – the media are public —  is THEIR JOB and if they don’t like dealing with the public then maybe they’re in the wrong business?

The speed and unseemliness with which this is being railroaded through is beyond disgust — They are like the members of Congress who moaned and groaned that health care was rammed through last year with only a couple weeks to ponder it, then spent a whopping two days slashing dozens of programs for $61 billion in cuts based, near as anyone can tell, on whether the programs helped actual people (cut!) or the military/campaign doners (save!)

Actual quote from Sen. President Mike Waddoups: 

“We want to do it today. It will complicate matters if it has a weekend to fester,” Waddoups said. He said he did not want senators subjected to pressure from the bill’s opponents over the next two days.

“We really don’t need to have a committee hearing. But we think this is one of those that has a high enough priority,” the Senate leader said. “We think we understand it very well.”

I stole that graph from the Deseret News, but yeah, I bet they understand it as much as they feel they need to. No need to hear any opinions from the public they supposedly work for. They know. They are wise. They don’t need information. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business.

This goes hand in hand, attitude-wise, with HB 399 by Mike Noel, R-Nuclear Industry, which requires people challenging the state on environmental issues to post a bond to protect contractors if the suit loses. Everyone in the state depends on a clean and healthy environment, but Noel thinks he knows best, and he thinks contractors are more important, so the voters can go away and get asthma. Like grama requests, if you want to challenge the state on an environmental issue, you have to put up money.

All part of a continuing effort to make access to government more limited, available only to the rich, and as rare as possible. Really, they’re too busy serving the public to deal with the public.

Dare one say it: 90 percent of those guys are LDS, and the LDS Church is a very top-down organization, where leaders issue rules, the followers follow. This is how the lawmakers do their church business, so they really think that is how the Legislature should operate as well. (In fairness, the Catholic Church is little better, but there are few Catholics in the Legislature). 

I need to look at all the list of bills this mess passes — they’ve clogged the boards with more than 1100 bills making ongoing oversight nearly impossible — and see how many other bills they’ve passed that essentially put them in charge and cut out the rest of us.

All this is done, of course, as always, to make government smaller and more open. Really, ask them, that’s what they’ll tell you, and with a perfectly straight face.

Oh yes, and to support education. Got to claim to support education.

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14 Responses to Legislature to Utah Public: Go Away

  1. Kurt R says:

    Never sniff a gift fish … no wait … it’s … never kiss a gift horse in the mouth … no wait … it’s crime does not pay … as well as politics.

  2. hawg says:

    if the press were even remotely responsible, unbiased, truthfull or at least accurate in their stories, people might be more open to them.

    • Stephen M. Cook says:

      Your unfounded hyperbole, in claiming the entire journalism world to be so beneath you and your ilk; all damn’edly biased and and dishonest in their work, makes your already-slim point disappear into a disposable nub.

      • Bill says:

        that was almost poetic.(wipes tear away)

      • Disposable Nub is the name of my next band.

      • hawg says:

        your buttons are surprisingly easy to push

        • rulon black says:

          It seems that your reason for posting your outrageous statements is to garner attention. Perhaps a few facts to back up your claims. Many people who claim the media is biased get their information from a news or web site that claims to be unbaised. Making it more difficult for people to research public government actions does nothing to help insure trust in government.

          • hawg says:

            sounds like you would agree with me 100% if we said “fox news” huh?

            I don’t care what hoops people or press have to jump through. jump through them.

            trust me, you do not want the average joe OR press accessing pictures of a decapitated loved one. and those pictures are government actions. think this through a bit.

  3. Blue Sky says:

    Charles Trentleman for Governor!

    • hawg says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I would honestly vote for him.
      it would be very interesting to see if the view changes from the working side of the governors desk and how he would respond to his critics. it would be very interesting to see how he picks and chooses his special interest groups

  4. ElmerMac says:

    I don’t like the idea of our public servants having private meetings, private hearings, private emails, private text messages, etc., while they are supposed to be conducting public business. As I’ve said before, if this bill had been in place previously, the $13 million payout to the contractor who didn’t win the I-15 bid might never have been discovered. I can just imagine how many other payoffs, bribes, kickbacks, and bonuses we taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for now.

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