Trading radio for cars with Rob Bishop.

I just wrote my congressman about the vote today to defund PBS in the House. You should too — While I was at it, I branched out just a bit:


A friend asked me to convey my sincere wishes that you not vote to cut funding for PBS. I know you probably disagree with me, and he, on this, but consider yourself asked anyway.

I do have to take issue with the general nonsense going on in the House of Representatives as the representatives try to, so we are told, cut the budget. I note that they don’t seem to be cutting anything from the defense department, up to and including $7 million to sponsor a car at NASCAR.

Really, Rob, I don’t know how you voted on that one, but how can anyone justify a race car sponsorship in these trying times?  Those things get terrible mileage, and what do we get out of it besides pollution? A sticker.

Speaking of pollution, tell them to quit defunding the EPA too — that nonsense about carbon dioxide not being a pollutant? Get real, Rob. The planet is in danger and they’re playing semantics.

Tell you what, I’ll spot you $7 million for the car if you’ll vote for Planned Parenthood — reproductive health of poor women is a really critical issue, more critical than PBS, and considering that Planned Parenthood prevents hospitals from having to pay huge amounts for medical care because of problems it prevents or finds early, I think that’s a wise expense.

I would have a lot more respect for the process — and Congress — in general if Speaker Boehner’s statements that “everything is on the table” included the military, or grazing subsidies, or crop supports. Can you honestly tell me every one of our 700-plus military installations overseas are necessary? Some of those – OK, most of them — are single buildings or small offices, but those things add up.

As for the bigger bases, Germany spends more on Defense than Russia these days. Let Europe defend itself.

I have to tell you, too, that your little poll at the bottom of your web page is a bit misleading — asking if the federal government owns too much, or not enough, or just enough (three bears!) of federal land is beside the point.

The residents of Utah gave up all claim to those lands not owned by the residents of the state when the state constitution was adopted. I refer you to Article III, section 2: “The people inhabiting this State do affirm and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries hereof.”

Is there a move to amend that? I had not heard.

Anyway, Rob, thanks — I honestly think, in general, you do a good job, but if you want me to take the rest of your pals in the House seriously they need to quit playing games and do some serious, honest, budget work, which means cutting stuff they like, not just stuff the Democrats like.

take care


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14 Responses to Trading radio for cars with Rob Bishop.

  1. Charlie, where is the bit about $7M to sponsor a NASCAR car?!

    • ctrentelman says:

      the nascar sponsorship isn’t in the list of amendments because it didn’t pass — the amendment would have cut it. Numerous news stories have picked up on it because it so, well, silly.

  2. hawg says:

    charles, if, as you admit, you don’t know how bishop voted on the nascar thing, then you have lost any reason/basis for this whole article.

    but then again let’s not let facts interfere with a good story, huh?

  3. ctrentelman says:

    hawg — the amendment for nascar was included in the whole bill that bishop voted for.

    Not sure how his vote one way or the other on the specific amendment voids the whole letter. I don’t specifically — read the letter again — demand that he vote against it and I even tell him I’m willing to spot him that for planned parenthood.

    The whole letter — read it again, think big picture — is a commentary on the whole process which I believe even Bishop ought to be ashamed of because it really is a mindless orgy of cutting — little thought, less debate, and this from the same party that said not enough thought or debate when into health care reform.

    but, don’t let the actual words I wrote get in the way of your good comment, eh?

  4. hawg says:

    I did see the whole picture. nascar, military and bishop are not liberal values and any money spent on them is wasteful. liberal radio is sacrosanct and deserves every government dime it can get.

    you realize if left radio had any form of an audience it wouldn’t need subsidy

    • My dad is one of the most conservative people I know, and enjoys listening to NPR, believe me if it only served a liberal audience, I’d hear about that. PBS and NPR provide some of the best educational, “world,” and arts programming around, I have been a supporter of both for a long time.

      More to the point, while I understand some people enjoy NASCAR, how in the HOW does it serve the public? How can it be justified for tax spending?

      Duhurrrr… the GOP’s in the house. Poker night with cigars and whisky, topless waitresses and NASCAR on widescreens for everyone. If you don’t like it, that’s what you get for not being a rich, white, male.

    • Tim Hansen says:

      Obviously you do not listen to Public Radio. To call their programming ” left radio ” is unadulterated ignorance.

  5. ctrentelman says:

    I’m betting npr will survive without government funding, although it does serve numerous national interests. And npr is hardly liberal or conservative value — from where i sit, it holds everyone’s feet to the fire pretty well.

    nascar is neither a conservative nor liberal value. It’s car racing. Not sure why the military is spending money sponsoring car racing when congress is screaming about wasteful spending.

    I suspect that Nascar, being wildly popular, has no need of government funding. You should demand that $7 million cut, as a point of pride in how popular car racing is.

    Of course bishop isn’t a liberal value. I would think less of him if he claimed he was. Geeze.

    As to the military, again, that is neither a liberal nor a conservative value. Defense is something we all care about. I don’t want to see defense used as an excuse to milk the country by big defense industries, and neither should you. Efficiency in military spending means more teeth, less tail. An unquestioned military budget — which is what we have now — grows a lot of tail such as unnecessary engines for massively expensive airplanes we don’t need while the guys in the field struggle with hillbilly armor.

  6. Sven says:

    Sorry, but NPR and PBS are liberal rags with an agenda, and they should NOT be funded with tax-payer dollars.

    Let them compete in the free-market just like other companies!

    I think if it wasn’t for government handouts (read tax-payer funded), NPR would go the way of Air Amerika. If NPR is such a beloved treasure, then it should have no problem getting sponsorship just like other radio stations/hosts.

    • Tim Hansen says:

      Are you truly putting NPR and PBS into the same category as Air America and a show like Rush Limbaugh’s, or Sean Hannity’s? So, you are calling the BBC, the Diane Reem show and the work of Ira Glass liberal agenda shows. Oh my.

  7. laytonian says:

    NASCAR sponsorship supposedly serves as a recruitment tool.

    I’d like to cut all of those little recruiting offices throughout the US. Certainly, there’s a better way to recruit, without having THOUSANDS of separate recruitment centers in strip malls.

    Oh, Sven. Tell us WHAT on NPR is “liberal”. It’s obvious you’ve never listened to it, but have merely regurgitated Fox News pap.

    Whatchagonna do, now that Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has written that scathing piece against Mitt Romney?

    • Sven says:

      Why are you so afraid to let NPR and PBS function on their own without our tax money funding them? Fine, if our tax money funds NPR, then a portion should also fund Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham…how does that sound to you?

      As far as Mitt Romney goes, I hope there are more scathing stories exposing this RINO Republican for who he is.

      • And along with funding for NPR and PBS let’s get rid of funding for the oil industries and all animal agriculture. There are actually multi-billion dollar private industries that are heavily subsidized by taxpayers, for who knows what reason.

        How much you wanna pay to get a cheeseburger at a drive thru in your car?

      • Tim Hansen says:

        You might find the history of Public Broadcasting and media an interesting learn. The idea is to have a public forum that will dispense knowledge without the biases of money as it’s sole motivation. To me, this can offer a chance to hear things that don’t just sell.

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