More federal power expansion on the way

President Obama today signed emergency legislation, exceeding his powers granted under the Constitution, to expand federal influence over rural Utah and ingender an intensified dependency on the federal government by helpless Utahns who would rather do for themselves but are being forced to take the aid at the point of strongly worded urging by absolutely noone that I know of.

The Utah Legislature, which has several measure before it to reject this sort of blatant power grab, strangely did nothing to stop it. This left the bewildered residents of the state helpless at the claws of federal power, their growing dependence on federal “nanny-state” programs an evil black curtain over their guilt-ridden souls.

Or maybe they’re just typical westerners letting Uncle Sugar bail them out after floods again. After 150 years of federal grazing fees, crop supports and water projects, how could they think anything else? This is the very spirit of dependence that conservatives in Utah warned us about.

Rather than re-build on their own, because of federal programs to force them to be dependent, they went crying to the federal government for help.  Obama signed an emergency declaration to get them federal aid because he’s a socialist weenie who, according to some presidential aspirants, is too weak to tell Utahns to get off their lazy butts and rebuild on their own.

Interesting that the same area getting all this help is a hard-core tea party part of the state. Probably they’ll use their rebuilt infrastructure and homes to better coordinate their efforts to get the federal government out of their lives.

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6 Responses to More federal power expansion on the way

  1. Ben Pales says:

    Damn Feds!! Handing out money left and right to those in need. Good thing most of these people will take the money with one hand, and then shake their free fist at the government that is forcing them to take these funds. Oh wait…they don’t have to take the money? They could have fundraisers or even better yet get Gov. Herberts donation and benefactor list, I’ll bet someone would sponsor them to rebuild instead.

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Charlie, I had the same thought a week or two ago when Hatch & Co. issued press releases urging the feds to quickly hand over the flood bailout money.

    I’m glad you’ve posted about it. The hypocrisy of the “get rid of the feds” movement is astounding.

  3. Brian Brandt says:

    Take from them not from me, but give to me and not to them….
    I grew up in said area, and that is the sentiment most of the population adopts. Hypocrisy is a way of life.

  4. ZENNEPHI says:

    You bring-up good Points for “Pundits’ Use and Abuse”,

    A great Mormon Patriarical in the Ogden [75th ward]
    Layed his upon my head, and gave me a Blessing
    of plentitude of “Words”. It was to be an Aide and Road-
    Map throughout life, should I remaine Faithfull
    …”Brother you have many fine gifts…”
    …”Share them so freely, thus, that they May not be Known…”

    Missionarian Institute of Religion-[WSC]
    …”I take some Paper in My hand, and with a Pen-cil…
    …”The Dream of What I’d Really Like to Be…”
    …”A Man with Courage {in} his Browe, Whose “licked…”his”
    …”Doutes’ and fear somehow, A Warrior With Great Nobleity…”

    “Saturday Warrior” [EMBREO Records & Tapes ]{Copywrite}

  5. Tom says:

    Some folks call it “bleeding the beast”, a long held and cherished practice hereabouts.

  6. ZENNEPHI says:

    Agreed Tom;

    Unless one is rid of the “Demons that Haunt” them, it will be-
    therabout, thereabouts: Ore in some 3rd Worldwide foreign land.
    666}: the “Mark” of the “Beast”. Amounts’ to Numerical 18.
    And “Lucifers”> {loose-lips} is awaiting Our Deakons, Teachers &
    Priests…If there “Life Choice” is Intrinically In/Out the Disorder.

    “…Bless the Beasts and the Children, Give them Shelter from the
    Storm Keep them Safe, Keep them Warm…Light there Way,
    When the Darkness surrounds them…It Keeps then Warm…”
    Source: “Bless the Beast and the Children”[Nadias'Theme]
    RCA Records-Embreyo Scribals and Tapes.

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