Tell Romney to go be strong with his own kids, not ours

Of for crying out loud, has it come to this: Presidential Candidates going “neener neener barack is a sissy!!!”

Cripes. I dispair. I really do.

That idiot Mitt Romney (click), he of the many changing political stands, whose idealogy blows in more directions than the wind and shifting as easily, gives a speech at the CPAC conventionĀ in which he says President Obama has been a “weak” president.

Meaning, of course, that Mitt will be a “strong” president?

Cripes, we had a “strong” president, remember? Bush II?

He was strong, all right. He got us involved in two wars to prove how strong he was. 5,000 Americans — and counting — have died to prove how strong he was. And for what? A toddering so-called democracy in Iraq and a crime-and-corruption-ridden something in Afghanistan.

Enough with strong presidents. they claim they’re tough, but it’s never they who go out and get shot or blown up in combat, always someone else’s son or daughter.

It’s easy to be strong when you do it from the comfort of a nice suit, tight haircut and a TV studio… If this is Mitt’s best shot it’s beyond disgusting.

Not to mention juvenile. “Neener neener Mitt, your hair looks like a sissiy’s!”


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8 Responses to Tell Romney to go be strong with his own kids, not ours

  1. Dan S. says:

    And according to reports, he has now edited his own book to remove references to RomneyCare and to his former support of the stimulus package.

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    well, some enemy put those parts in there. Obviously, we need to make sure only the truth comes out.

    We’ve ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia. We’ve NEVER been at war with Eastasia. I LOVE big Brother….

  3. I’ve disliked Romney ever since the dog-on-the-roof-of-the-station-wagon incident.

  4. mohkat says:

    And Bama has got us what? Brack is a sissy! You Kool Aiders just won’t admit it!

  5. Neal Humphrey says:

    If Romney’s Mittens get him the nomination to run against President Obama that will mean the gods have answered Democrat strategist’s prayers. The Republicans will have to do better than running an empty suit.

  6. Doug Gibson says:

    Romney is an “idiot,” Charlie? I thought that pejorative was reserved for Sarah Palin.

  7. PH says:

    Romney. Yeh, what ever…

  8. ctrentelman says:

    doug — if his best shot is to play grade school games then, yes, he’s an idiot. I expect more from someone who aspires to the highest office in the land.

    Although, what you get from Mitt is hard to judge — his public pronouncements are completely driven by marketing. Not saying Obama’s aren’t, but Mitt’s are screamingly so. Really, you cannot tell what he believes in — socialized medicine? Only if it will get him elected.

    Marriage for gays? Only if he needs their vote.

    and so on.

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