Chaffetz is shocked! Shocked that there is fraud in Afghanistan!

Man oh man, I can’t criticize what he’s saying, but you have to wonder where Rep. Jason Chaffetz has been for the last decade or so.

Not in the House of Representatives that long, but he reads the paper, right? Or maybe he only watches news stations that make the War in Afghanistan look good, I dunno.

Rep. Chaffetz just got back from checking out the war zone in Afghanistan and other places and he says there is not enough evidence that the billions,¬† we’ve spent building aid projects in that country for the last decade¬†have actually been spent on aid projects.

Where did the money go? All he had to do was take a drive around Kabul and check out the mansions outside of town. Mud roads go by, but behind the fences the mansions are luxurious. Recent news stories said billions was being siphoned off by, among others, the brother of President Karzai, who blocks efforts to investigate the corruption.

And all this has been going on since we invaded the place in 2001. The nation is ruled by warlords who take their percentage off of everything, and their pals are drug lords, and the politicians are bought off by all of them. We support it and call it democracy because they’re willing to say they hate the Taliban which, let us not forget, is supported (yes still) by our allies in peace, the Pakistanis, to whom we give several billion dollars a year as well.

I’m glad to see Rep. Chaffetz finally waking up. I wish the rest of his GOP bretheren would do the same, realize the war is a waste of good time, money and lives, and do the good solid conservative thing and get us out.

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3 Responses to Chaffetz is shocked! Shocked that there is fraud in Afghanistan!

  1. PH says:

    Sad thing is there are too many of his GOP bretheren with their hands in the cookie jar!

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Chaffetz has spoken out against Afghanistan waste before, if I recall correctly. Those who want us out of there should be cheering Chaffetz, not nagging him for supposedly being late to the party. This is one of the things I like about the guy; he sometimes doesn’t shy away from issues that don’t do him much good politically.

  3. Randy Watt says:

    Slow subject day, Charlie? Having personal experience in Afghanistan, I agree with you that the plan is flawed and we should be finding our way out of there. But I don’t agree with your riduculing of Congressman Chaffetz, he’s made these remarks before. Haven’t you been reading, watching, listening? I had the privilege of having dinner with Congressman Chaffetz here in Baghdad last week and enjoyed a spirited discussion on his thoughts for the “way ahead” in Afghanistan and the greater middle east. He understands it better than most people, including our current Administration. What’s refreshing is his lack of concern for taking either a liberal or conservative position, he’s not a “hard-liner” either way. We’ll have to see what the future brings, but I think his type offer the most hope for the country. See you in a couple of months when this latest tour is over.

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