Everyone loves funny cops, seriously

The Ogden Police have a facebook page which is being a lot more fun to read than the proposed blimp is to make fun of.

For example, today I found the following posted. It’s brief, snappy, and fun. Barbara Beinstein, down at the bottom, is an old friend of mine and spent a lot of time in the old press room in the basement of the old City/County building, so she knows a funny police report when she sees one.

Ogden Police

Ogden Police During a traffic stop this week the CRU found 117 Balloons of Heroin ($2,340.00), Over $200.00 in Cash, and a Cardboard Sign. Being the helpers that we are, we found the car’s occupants a warm and secure place to stay with a bed and three meals a day.

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    • Gerald Crawford I love you folks!!!
      21 January at 19:30 · ·
    • Jo McNurlan And I thought all this time they wanted the money for nothing.
    • 21 January at 19:32 · ·
    • Becky Linke LOVE IT!!!
      21 January at 19:40 · ·
    • Thomas M Brandon Love the sign.. Look at the letters, they are written so well. Glad they found a secure place to stay.
      21 January at 19:44 · ·
    • Mindy Larsen yea!!! Opd
      22 January at 04:58 · ·
    • Diana Sewell Thank You for everything you do, Great JOB!!!!!!
      22 January at 05:10 · ·
    • 22 January at 08:08 · ·
    • Amber Davis Crowson This is the reason why I dont give money to panhandlers. It sucks that people like this ruin it for the rest of them…
      22 January at 09:17 · ·
    • Barbara Bernstein Ha ha. That’s a good one. I miss the good old police sense of humor from police reports in the ’70s and ’80s. Now thanks to Facebook everybody gets to enjoy the quirky point of view of the lawmen and lawwomen. Keep ‘em coming. Thanks also for the serious postings.
      22 January at 09:22 · · 2 peopleLoading… ·
    • Debra Cooper Youngberg Barbara Bernstein! You WERE the humor.
      22 January at 21:07 · ·
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2 Responses to Everyone loves funny cops, seriously

  1. Charles Trentelman says:

    here’s another entry that reeks of snark: The CRU took it’s first illegally possessed gun of the year off the streets this week during a traffic stop. The suspect is a drug addict that told us he only uses drugs on special occassions. ie: his birthday (the previous day), holidays, …..days ending in the letter “y”……..

  2. ZENNEPHI says:

    Good Point Chuck, however;

    Let those with ears, hear.
    A Word to the Wise.
    Don’t ask “Y”, you may get campus security.

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