Stupid lawmakers, Utah version

OK, you are a typical Utah legislator. You preach that government should be run like a business. You even threaten to close services of government — parks anyone? – that don’t bring in enough revenue.

So you then look at a branch of government that is making $100 million a year in revenue, selling a product that has an 85 percent markup — 85 percent!! — and say “well, of course, we need to cut back on that.”

Which is precisely what the Legislature is doing to the state’s liquor stores.

And then you go back to complaining about not having enough money, and closing parks, and cutting funding to teachers and universities.

And wondering why the public thinks you are an idiot.

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12 Responses to Stupid lawmakers, Utah version

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Yup. Exactly.

  2. laytonian says:

    It’s going to get worse.
    Oda’s cited by Colbert; Chaffetz gets name-checked on Doonesbury.

    Next, they’ll be appearing in their own youtube videos, competing for hits. Or putting up Facebook pages, competing for the silliest “message bills”.

    Since they all claim they’re for smaller government, why do we even let them meet annually?

    You’d think they’d want MORE 85% markup, but Sen Valentine is holding “approval” meetings at Church headquarters. Which church? Silly you.

  3. Bill says:

    It’s called corporatism. It’s like fascism. Only Corporate.

  4. Stephen Cook says:

    We just desire a tequila highball with our evening Satan, now and again. And a tart white for when guests join us to prey.

    It’s those anti-freedom forces again, looking all dour and authoritarian.

    • Bob Becker says:

      Better watch out, SC. Chief Greiner’s spy eye in the sky blimp may nab you on the deck or patio some day with more than one drink per person on the table at the same time. Gotcha! Or perhaps even making a drink with a child-seducing bottle of maraschino cherries in plain sight right out there in front of god and everybody! You’ll be toast then when they roll the blimp tape in court.

  5. Reynolds Anderson says:

    I’m not an alchi..alche..oh shoot I ain’t a drunk! I juss like my wine…

  6. Reynolds Anderson says:


  7. PH says:

    There is no “thinking” their idiots. They prove it constantly!

    Here’s to incompetence fueled by religion!

  8. terry mansfield says:

    I couldn’t agree more;Let us take a look at legislative and political spending and see how much of our hard earned money is being wasted.
    And the middle class paying the price for it.
    We always end taking less on wages and more on taxes.

  9. Anna Day says:

    AMEN! *Snicker*

  10. neil says:

    What is the difference between stupidity and republican? One has nine letters and the other has ten.

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