Lawmaker Laughs: Another Tea Party ripoff, clean stemware?

Hooboy, the fun never stops.

On the state and federal level, the people who get themselves elected on promises of being smart, and reasonable, and representative, waste no time showing their true colors: Stupid, unreasonable if not whacky, and representing only themselves, not us.

Maybe it’s the water in all those vintage drinking fountains scattered around Congress and the Utah Capitol.

On the Federal level, we have Sen. Mike Lee, the Tea Party darling who got himself elected promising to throw out the old ways of doing business in Washington and bring a breath of fresh air, taking government “back,” whatever that means.

Back to Tammany Hall, it would seem.

First he hired a lobbyist to work as his chief of staff. As we know, lobbyists are the real rulers of government, funneling millions of dollars in “campaign donations” (OK, bribes) to our congess people in exchange for their support of the military industrial complex and industrial welfare.

The latest indication that Lee is no radical is his failure to support, in a 92-4 vote, a rule in the senate that stops senators from being able to anonymously hold up appointments. Now, with the new rule, senators who put a hold on nominations will have to let their names be known.

It is amazing that Lee promised to change things in Washington and now votes to keep this rule the same. Anonymous holds are one of the most frustrating symbols of the gridlock that drives the public nuts. They allow any senator to play power broker, holding up the entire Congress from the comfort of his office while publically railing against people who hold up the business of congress.

Public frustration with Congress’ inability to do even simple appointments, driven by those very same anonymous holds, is what drove the Tea Party to electe Sen. Lee.

And now he’s proving, once again, that his desire in Congress is not to change anything at all, but play more internal power games, just like everyone else. Way to go Tea Party!

MEANWHILE back here in Utah, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom (R-dirty dishes) wants to repeal Utah’s limit on phosphorus in dishwashing detergents.

Phosphorus limits were put on because the chemical is highly instrumental in causing algea growth in water, which kills fish and damages the environment.

Against that we have Rep. Sandstrom’s drinking glasses, which have unsightly spots. Well, can’t have that!

There are other things he could add to his dishwasher to prevent spots — there are several products in the stores, or he could toss in a glass of vinager.

Or, he could get off his lazy butt and wash the glasses by hand, or at least dry them by hand. Really, has it come to this: The descendents of pioneers, people who walked on foot halfway across the continent, can’t stand up long enough to dry a glass?

But no, we need government to fix this problem because government is the solution to his dirty stemware! And if it costs more to run the water treatment plants to remove phosphorus from the water? Well, what the heck.

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4 Responses to Lawmaker Laughs: Another Tea Party ripoff, clean stemware?

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Charlie, it seems all three members of the U.S. Senate Tea Party Caucus voted against the ending of anonymous holds. I wonder what the reasoning is because it seems to be a Tea Party stance if all three took the same line.

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    offhand, Doug, I’d say it’s because they see anonymous holds as a way to exert power without consequences. Or maybe they see it as a way to give the Tea Party more power, again without consequences.

    Or maybe they are reluctant, as people, to give up power.

    Whichever, I find it odd that they can take such a stance and still claim to represent the Tea Party which, I believe you know, is all about reducing the power of federal officials, not increasing or even preserving it.

    Mr. Lee, as is his wont, is not answering press inquiries. So he doesn’t want us to know what he’s doing, and he doesn’t want us to ask him about it.

    Real “Man of the People” you tea party folk have elected, there. Way to go.


  3. Bob Becker says:

    Charlie: Cross his lobbyist chief of staff’s palm with enough silver for the re-election campaign fund, and I’ll bet you can get your calls returned.

  4. “The ban was used to appease certain environmental groups. It hasn’t really been proven” as beneficial, [Sandstrom] said.

    Yes, and the people in those environmental groups are voters who have combined their resources and voices to make themselves heard. How does that escape these politicians? These grassroots groups are the David in the Goliath equation, competing against billionaire corporate lobbyists simply to get some representation from the government WE elected.

    As far as the TP… we are well on the way to real fascism with them coming into power. From Wiki, this seems to fit them to a … OMG, a Tea:

    “Neo-fascism is a post-World War II ideology that includes significant elements of fascism. [...] Neo-fascism usually includes nationalism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism, and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy. “

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