Road rage on a horse?

It’s my Monday, so here’s something amusing to keep people’s minds off the sturm and drang of the day.

Chris Hansen, at the state historical society, forwarded this news item from days of yore, showing that nothing changes, including road rage:

  From the Salt Lake Tribune, August 11, 1909. Dateline: Ogden

 The occupants of an automobile and a farm wagon became involved in a free-for-all fight on the Riverdale road, south of Ogden, early this evening, and as a result Mark Reed, one of the men driving the team, was badly beaten over the face and head with some blunt instrument, and one of the men in the automobile was hit over the head with a pitchfork. The trouble arose over the collision of the two vehicles.

 Reed and a companion were driving a hayrack toward Riverdale when they met the automobile coming toward Ogden. The machine and the wagon collided. Hot words followed and one of the passengers in the automobile got out of the machine and began climbing on top of the wagon, when he was struck over the head with a pitchfork. Reed and his companion then left their wagon and fled to the home of Jesse A. Child, near by. The men in the machine followed them into the yard, although forbidden to do so by Child, and gave Reed a severe beating.

 They then returned to their machine and came on to Ogden. The number of the automobile, according to Child, was 159. The records show this to be the number of an automobile owned by Charles McClure Fremont, although it is now known who were in the machine.

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One Response to Road rage on a horse?

  1. Reynolds Anderson says:

    Thank goodness it wasn’t two horse-drawn wagons or the horses would have gotten in on the brawl as well!

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