The pathetic war to “save” Christmas

This is how pathetic the people who need an enemy so they can make a public show of saving Christmas from all the liberal heathens are: A casual joke defending Christmas is twisted into an attack so Christmas can be very loudly defended.

The details are here (click!) but here’s the jist: NPR political reporter Nina Totenberg went to a “holiday” party at the Department of Justice and later, on TV, referred to it as a “Christmas” party, preceeding the word Christmas with the phrase “I was at — forgive the expression…”

Wow, the holly hit the fan.

Totenberg was ripe for attack because she works for NPR, which we all know is a liberal cabal on the direct payroll of Moscow trying to spread a socialist America defeating agenda, and here she proves it.

“Forgive the expression” about Christmas??  Oh. My. God.

So anyway, the blogs exploded because that’s what you do when you are defending Christmas, and keeping Christ in Christmas. Everyone knows Christ never checked his facts first, he just charged ahead, so that’s what all these so-called Christians did.

I’m seeing this a lot — I’ve had half a dozen e-mails sending Christmas greetings and telling me not to let those politically correct heathens take the Christ out of Christmas. What’s interesting is I have, so far, not received one single e-mail asking me to take Christ out of Christmas. I have yet to hear of one public campaign to do that, either.

Nor have I heard anyone say that taking Christ out of Christmas is a good idea, nor have I heard of anyone being prohibited from saying Merry Christmas to anyone.

Yeah, I know, the ACLU won’t let you pray at city council meetings, but that does constitute government endorsement of religion and, anyway, from what I can tell, prayers at government functions have had no sanctifying effect on those governmental bodies, which still act like complete jerks.

And, yeah, some stores do say “Happy Holidays.” There are other holidays this season, you know: Saturnalia, Hannaka (sp?), Ramadan, and I’m sure Native Americans, Hindus, Buddhists and others all have their winter festivals, or Solstice festivals.

Why do stores cater to all holidays? Because they’re trying to sell stuff, that’s why. In case you didn’t hear, 70 percent of the American economy is based on stores selling stuff, and the holidays is when they sell the most. You want them to exclude all but the Christians? OK, but better check to see who writes your paycheck, first.

The only complaints I’ve heard, in short, are from people who claim — with no proof or evidence — that Christmas is under assault. It’s a manufactured war, designed to get attention, designed to give the complainers a forum. They need enemies and, lacking any real ones, send out warnings of imaginary ones, or make enemies up.

If you read to the bottom of that story I linked to you will see that Totenberg was actually defending Christmas. She was putting it were it wasn’t. She want to a “holiday” party and said it was very obviously a “Christmas” party. She was being ONE OF YOU, for crying out loud. Her “forgive the expression” was a tweak at the Justice Department.

But, oh, that’s a fact. Sorry, didn’t mean to interfer with your lovely and very pathetic little rant.

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17 Responses to The pathetic war to “save” Christmas

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Some good points, Charlie. The huffers and puffers are also up in arms in this fake controversy involving Michael Moore:

    I really like this column in today’s Chicago Trib too:,0,2064864.story

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    These same willing idiots believe Obama was going to take their guns? Think about it. About 50% of Americans have a below average IQ.

  3. Bob Becker says:

    Yup. Exactly.


    Thanks for the ChiTrib link. He’s got it right. Seasonal expressions of good will will be happily accepted by me in all forms. I’m delighted to get all the good wishes I can. Want to wish me a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings or whatever, I’m glad to receive ‘em, one and all, and will respond in kind. If I’m doing the greeting, and I know the person celebrates Christmas, they get a Merry Christmas from me. If I don’t know them, I generally go with “Happy Holidays.” Most people don’t seem to mind.

    But, recalling Charlie’s point, the only people I have any personal experience with who’ve taken offence at any seasonal expression of good will were one or two zealots who sniffed at a “Happy Holidays” greeting and pointedly replied [with attitude] “I prefer Merry Christmas.” I’ve never had anyone get miffed at a “Merry Christmas.”

  4. Mark Shenefelt says:

    How many of the quickly offended have gone off their Xanax? I see too many people just bodily needing to be ticked off about something or someone and they latch onto silly, pointless controversies like this.

    If I live to 90, I’ll never be annoyed by someone wishing me happy holidays. How horrible that they hope I have good holidays and are nice enough to tell me so.

    I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas myself with my family, without preaching to anyone about it, and New Year’s Day is coming right up. “Happy holidays” covers it.

    Breathe, angry people, breathe …

  5. I do know people who are offended if you wish them a Merry Christmas, as well as those in the trenches defending Christmas.

    But here’s how I see it. I’m planning to invite people to my wedding who likewise don’t believe in marriage… I hope they will still come celebrate with us anyway. Who needs an excuse for a party ;)

  6. ctrentelman says:

    ur getting married? Congratulations!

    As to people who don’t believe in marriage –if they believe in being treated they way they want to be treated (golden rule thing?) they’ll respect your life the say way you respect theirs.

    Plus, as you say, a party is a party.

  7. MacDaddy says:

    So tell us Chuckles, after you are done obsessing over the effort to bring “Merry Christmas” back, will you go back to obsessing about Sara Palin?

  8. Son of Liberty says:

    To all those posting comments in the Standard Examiner:

    I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know that these greetings are overused and somewhat mundane but nevertheless I do truly mean it when I say that I hope your holidays are great. I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

    We take different sides in our verbal combat. Some of us strongly believe in God, others do not. Some of you are conservative while others are more liberal. However, I know that each of us loves this country. Each of us has the right, and maybe the duty, to speak out on issues.

    I wish to thank the Standard Examiner for providing this forum. By doing so the SE encourages the free exchange of ideas. Although we may differ in thought, we need to be civil in our discourse.

    May we all prosper in the coming year,

    Son of Liberty

  9. Yes I have finally found a man foolhardy brave awesome enough to commit to spending his life with me. We have been engaged for 2 years and are on the 3-year plan.

    Everyone at S-E and all my readers will be invited, whether they believe in marriage or not. I don’t even care if they spell it with an X. Vegan wedding cake for everyone!! ;)

  10. Howard says:

    The problem with Christmas is neither Dec 25 nor Jan 6 are the birthdates of Jesus Christ. The practice of evergreen decorating stems from Lev 23:34-44 Feast of Tabernacles aka Sukkot or Booths, the 7th and last feast ordained forever in all generations by the Lord was the 15th day of the 7th month; Jesus was born 15 Tishrei (roughly 29 Sept).
    Mass means “dismissal of the eucharist” Hanukkah means “House of Enoch”; the Mass at that time was the dismissal of Abel. A man-made 8 day Festival of Lights was added beginning on 25 Kislev (early December “Sinterklass Day”). X-Mass is an outgrowth of this; “Chi” and “Rho” refer to the Crowned Osiris or Sol Invictus.
    Christ never checked His facts? Guess again.

  11. Curtis says:

    Lets not forget that no where in the Bible is there an admonition to celebrate Christmas. Also Christmas has its roots in an old pagan winter soltice celebration. Pagans were converted and \the church\ failing at getting the new converts to stop this celebration, instead were successful at re-defining its meaning.

    Christmas is for people to enjoy. This enjoyment can come from honoring Jesus, spending time with family and also buying gifts, all of these are legitimate for all of these bring joy, and happiness is what it is all about.

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