Wikileaks or Wiki-about-darn-time?

Listening to a discussion on the SLC station KRCL about the Wiki-leaks thing (click) I have a couple of random thoughts:

– On the whole I think they were a good thing. Obviously, government is doing a really crummy job of guarding its secrets, and that’s a good thing to know. When the state Driver License Division says your Social Security number, driver license, birth certificate and other forms of highly misusable ID are perfectly secure, ask yourself “Are they as secure as the State Department’s most sensitive secrets?”

If they are, you might as well post them on the DMV bulletin board. And, yes, you know, you really know, that some TSA guard somewhere is keeping a file of the “fun” X-ray scans. If the President of the United States and the entire US Marine Corps dedicated themselves to nothing else in the world but preventing such a collection, it would still get made.

– I kind of like knowing that the Saudi Arabians are playing a lot more double game than even I, most cynical of people, thought they were. Then again, they’ve been playing those games for thousands of years. We’re amateurs, and they see us as rubes to be manipulated, chickens to be plucked.

Saudi money funded 9-11, Saudi money continues to fund the people shooting at our soldiers in Afghanistan today because the Wahabi religious leaders look at the Taliban and admire their technique, but the Saudis want us to take out Iran? While they keep their conniving with Israel on this secret so they can continue to call us infidels in public and hold public telethons to raise money for suicide bombers in Israel?

Yeah, I like knowing that. And guess who would be the first to condemn the US if the war in Iran went wrong? Saudi Arabia, bet on it.They’d probably declare themselves Iran’s staunch ally when it counter-attacked Israel, too.

My thinking on this: Take Saudi Arabia’s $65 billion for military hardware (cash, no checks) and tell them to go fight their own damn war.

– I liked seeing how the Obama administration did a nice job of finessing the balance between Saudi Arabia and China and Russia to build a stronger set of commercial sanctions around Iran. Bush, for all his bluster, didn’t do that, and all of his bluster probably made it harder.

– How come everyone’s angry that Wikileaks might be outing secret agents, but nobody’s mentioned that the previous President of the United States was involved very actively in the outing of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame?

Only one person in that administration had to go to jail, and Vice President Cheney was angry that Bush didn’t pardon him. “You don’t leave a man behind,” is how he put it, a clear indication that the outing of Plame to get back at her husband was an operation conceived directly in the West Wing top offices.

– The last caller on the show, John from Ogden, made some excellent points: The vast majority of the public hasn’t got a clue about all this stuff, Obama hasn’t said anything yet, and we haven’t heard of any agents actually being hurt from this (although I doubt we would. I watch too many spy movies, though.)

His first point was the best. The great unwashed don’t sit and read the NYTimes on line. They get their political wisdom from the TV news (The world in 60 seconds!) and political commentary on Fox and MSNBC. The Standard-Examiner has gone hyper-local to survive on the assumption that people get national news elsewhere, but they really don’t.

Those are the very people who NEED to know that the government is feeding them a line, that the government is playing footsie with Saudi Arabia which is playing a double game with us. It’s their kids who can’t find any career these days but  the military and will end up over in some god-forsaken pile of sand fighting for their country, or being told they are, probably by some PR specialist on a $5 million contract subbed out from Halliburton or KBR.

Sadly, these people never know and are more comfortable living with the lie anyway because it promises them low taxes and something they think is “freedom.”

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16 Responses to Wikileaks or Wiki-about-darn-time?

  1. alstair mcrimack says:

    I don’t think the Americans should worry so much about Saudi Arabia, Islam, Terrorism or being attacked by ‘external groups’.
    I think they should be more worried about the Zionist – Free Masons who are the real danger to any country who yearns for freedom from oppression and Censorship.
    The Zionist – Free Masons have at the present enslaved Western countries and have fed the people so many lies and overwhelming Propaganda that they are now becoming immune to it.
    They tell us the Economy (that they control) is so important to our very existence, that we can’t survive without it.
    Even one of your own US Congressmen said ‘The economy used to serve the people, now the people serve the Economy’.
    I don’t believe Terrorists, Islamists or any Arabic influence had anything to do with your 911. After all it was the Jews who ran the twin towers and Building 7.
    Building 7 had many documents that were destroyed on that day.
    Documents that would have condemned Zionists’ and Free Masons if they had have been released on a global scale like the Wikileaks.
    Wikileaks is now showing how dysfunctional and dishonest our Zionist – Free Masons masters are.
    The reason why all of the Zionist – Free Mason political masters around the World are so upset is they are finally being exposed for what they all really are.
    They are nothing more than loathsome, lying, cheating, thieving Miscreants. They will do anything for self gain and for their perceived wealth. Greed is Good?
    I think the American people should wake up to what is really going on and see who is gaining most and who is losing the most, and I can tell you my friend it is not the (as Mason’s call us) the Profane.
    The Zionist – Free Masons have sold their own Soul so they can climb above all others and sell out their fellow man.
    Research your leaders and find out their back grounds to see if they belong to Zion or to a Lodge, I think it might open up your eyes.
    Bring on the change of Freedom.

    • John says:

      You are absolutely batty
      tinfoil hat much?

    • Zion's Caste says:

      Alstair. Zion is a “People” per say more then a “Place”.
      To be [Zionist] means to reside and work in geographic demographics that were established by Elder Statesman
      [Brigham Young]. {circa’1861}.
      The metroplex of [Ogden/Provo/Salt Lake City] virtually
      populated the Rocky Mountain {G-7} state/nation populous.
      One has to remember, that [DESERET] was a territory.
      That is why such a rapid-reflex in tracing one’s roots/line-age.
      [York Free Masonry] has acted as a “transparency” betwixt
      virtually all “vestages” of religion. Primarily it’s [Mother]
      Church, the [Mormon] Church. {Hindustan in nature, However…
      down home Christian, through and through}.
      For the LDS church to stand fortified and ready for financial
      times, in the vaste “humanitarian endeavor” of “feeding my
      sheep”… Let the [Mason's] control the money.

      It is after all: “Of the People, By the People, and for the
      Economy”. Oh and don’t forget tithes and fast-offerings.
      With Liberty and Justice for All.

  2. math monteiro says:

    Wikileaks yes wikan….

  3. tom says:

    Wellll, that is quite the rant Mr. “T”!

    Can’t say as I disagree with lots of it, but there are a few points I do.

    For starters you left out what I would have put in about “terminating with extreme prejudice” both the Wiki Leaks punk and that ex-president who was behind the Plame deal.

    Also, I think the “one person in that administration had to go to jail, and Vice President Cheney was angry that Bush didn’t pardon him” – actually did get pardoned – didn’t he? (Scooter Libby by name).

    I also hate to burst our bubble, but you ain’t the “most cynical of people” in these parts. Heck, I know several who post comments on your blog that are more so than you. In fact I think I even have you beat in this department when it comes to gummint – especially our local ones.

  4. Santa says:

    Dang those Saudis, using Flt #77 to hit the 77ft tall Pentagon whose cornerstone was laid by Freemasons on 9/11/1941 exactly over the 77th Meridian. Dang those 19 Saudis for leaving Arabic Flight manuals in their hotel rooms after a night of lap dancing. Dang thos Saudis for drilling a hole in 9 ft of titanium reinforced concrete walls at the Pentagon and making Flt #93 disappear into a 40ft hole at Shanksville. Goog thing Obama bowed to Abdullah and Israel received overflight rights for their impending attacks on Qom, Shiite Islam’s holiest site next to Mecca eh? Time to wake up.

    • ctrentelman says:

      … hard to tell if this is satire or not……

      • ctrentelman says:

        and santa doesn’t have the half of it: The WTC Complex is lined up to mirror the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Mel Gibson (2001) weighed 2 oak rocking chairs at 9 lb 11 oz, declares them perfect twice and destroys them to start The Patriot. Neo’s passport is shown expiring on Sept 11, 2001 in the first instalment of the Matrix. Lisa Simpson (1997) holds up a NY bus ticket for $9 perfectly lined up with the Twin Towers. FOX TV (2001) Lone Gunman plot is terrorists hijacking and flying commercial aircraft by remote into NYC. FEMA planning documents (1999) feature the Twin Towers in crosshairs. Sept 10, 2001 FEMA is in NYC for a Terror Drill,; spokesman Tom Kennedy says a terrorist event in NYC is their #1 concern. The BBC reported WTC #7 had fallen 23 minutes before the building fell, during the live on air broadcast; not being hit by anything, how could they have known this? Die Hard: 2 men speaking of their flying experience say 9 years and 11 years; Die Hard with a Vengeance theme is a gold heist from WTC #4, #5. Another Willis movie Armageddon shows a countdown timer at 9:11 as they set the explosives. John Voight’s birthday on Enemy of the State is 9/11. Problem Child street address is 911. Gremlins 2 reporters are from Channel 9 and 11. Terminator 2 an overpass sign reads ‘Caution 9’11″. Ever seen an overpass this low? Me neither. Another Swarzennegger movie 6th Day his 2 appointments for the day are at 9 and 11. Peace Maker Clooney is framed in a scene between ailes 9 and 11; where is the 10th? Me either. Independence Day at Area-51 a clock reads 9:11 as the camera pans by. Ozzie Osbournes album cover features an aircraft flying at the Twin Towers with Big Ben in the background at 9 minutes to 11. Bone Collector Jolie holds up a paper with page 119 marked on date 11/9; obviously both in reverse (Engine #119 joined the Transcontinental Railroad as well). Movies Thirteenth Floor and Godzilla featured clocks with 11:45 and 8:55; 2 ways to indicate 911. Finally, notice a Kaballah Tree laid on its side is IXXI a 9 and 11.

  5. Mark Sparkman says:

    Yeah…makes you wonder why they would broadcast it so much. “Hey, you people! We already own and control the world, but we’re gonna fly some planes into big buildings (that we already own and control) because, uh, well, because we’re miscreants, and that’s how we roll! So there!”

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