Tea Party = Sucker Party

Oh brother, what a bunch of rubes.

You Earl Gray sippers got taken for a ride. Poor saps. I tried to warn you but would you listen? No. You wanted to elect people who promised to “take our country back,” but you never bothered to ask “for who?” because you thought it would be for you.

Guess again. You got took. And you’ll continue to get took. Who is some of the biggest ear markers in the Congress? The Tea Party caucus (click), that’s who. Want some Florida land? I have some nice plots east of Miami Beach, a trifle damp, but very lovely. If you’ll buy the Tea Party line, you’ll certainly buy these.

Why do I take such a nasty attitude? As this story from that horrible liberal paper the Washington Post says, all your darling anti-Washington establishment Tea Party senators are hiring … wait for it …. lobbyists to work on their staffs.

That’s right. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, all the rest, are going hat in hand to the highly paid representatives of huge money interests and hiring them for their staffs. Oh, yes, they promise not to give unfair advantage to their former corporate masters. They’re taking a huge cut in pay just out of patriotism. Yeah, that’s it. Patriotism.

You believe that? Really?

Those lots east of Miami Beach can be yours very cheap, but buy now, because they’re disappear just as soon as the tide comes in.

A tide of lobbyists selling you suckers out to the highest bidder.

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7 Responses to Tea Party = Sucker Party

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Let’s see how these candidates-turned pols do in 2011, Charlie.

  2. Di says:

    Is it just my computer or do the comment replies show up unreadably small for other people too? I don’t know exactly when it started. Sometime between a few days ago and today. And you can’t blame it on my age!

    • Casey Shultz says:

      I’ve fixed the font size issue. :)

      • Di says:

        Hallelujah. Thanks :) I was dying trying to read some of those on Doug’s blog.

        Any chance we can go back to the old captcha too? This one is REALLY hard to decipher. I usually have to cycle through four or five of them before I find one I can read.

    • laytonian says:

      It’s not just you, Di. I’m seeing a large font when I type my reply … but the replies I’m seeing *before* this one, are microscopic.

      Maybe this is a way of cutting down on big arguments.

  3. Charles Trentelman says:

    quit grousing and go read my new blog. tell all your friends. Our IT people swear they are fixing the access problem.

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