Is your job doomed? Don’t be so sure …

Lately all my friends have been having a good time sending me links to stories like this (click) that list jobs that are disappearing in this world full of trouble and woe and the Internet.

Ignoring for the moment the headline on that list that says “high” paying careers, I can’t help but feel the glee of whoever wrote the lead as they compared news reporter to — gasp! — buggy whip maker.

For the record, there is still a very brisk market in buggy whips among the horsey crowd, of which my brother and his wife are members. Buggy whips have also found a new calling as signal flags on bicycle trailers, dune buggies and the like.

But lists like that one at Yahoo are all too common. What I find amusing is some of the other listings: Judge, Fashion Designer, Insurance Underwriter, Travel Agent, even CEO.

It’s not so much a matter of the jobs going away as other economic forces lessening the demand for those jobs, or changing what they do.

In the case of Judges, there’s not enough high paying lawyering jobs around so people who might quit judgeships to take the big bucks are holding tight, making it harder for new judges to be hired. CEOs are fewer because of so many corporations merging with other corporations, although they still have such a tight union that I suspect they’ll continue to bathe in money even as they slash employee jobs to keep profits up.

Journalism jobs aren’t going away — they’re just being revised. People like me who expect to be paid have a hard time competing with people who seem willing to do it for free, so it is likely someday I’ll go the way of the typesetter and stereo matt operator.

But the journalist, like the buggy whip, will remain, just doing something different. And, eventually, tiring of bloggers who do half-assed work and don’t stick to it, the market may demand paid reporters again, just in some new form and market.

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4 Responses to Is your job doomed? Don’t be so sure …

  1. Bob Becker says:

    You wrote: “so it is likely someday I’ll go the way of the typesetter and stereo matt operator.”

    Now that brings up an interesting image: a reporter, stuffed and mounted and on display next to the hot-lead Linotype machine in the lobby of the SE building….

  2. tom says:

    Mr. “T”

    Interesting post.

    One thing I would like to point out however is where you cast dispersions on “bloggers who do half assed work….” There are many so called “journalists” who also do half-assed work. Case in point is the incredibly in-curious Schwepke at your paper! His press release journalism would be a disgrace to any self respecting publication. Of course with the Suits of Sandusky owning the Standard I guess he fits in rather well since neither one of them seem to have any self respect. You, Grondahl and Gibson are the only people at the rag who are worth a pinch-O-crap and who make the paper worth reading.

  3. ctrentelman says:

    Tom Anonymous attacks on individual reporters, who put their names and even faces on their work daily, are uncalled for and are one of the worst aspects of the so-called new journalism of blogs. I will thank you for not doing so to my co-worker and friend, who does an extremely good job.

  4. Tom says:

    Mr. \T\

    I am not exactly \anonymous\ in my comments concerning Mr. Schwepke. I do after all use my real name here. Besides, you have my name, IP address and email address that was submitted with the post. More importantly Mr. Schwepke knows full well who I am, where I live and what my phone number is, so it isn’t like he is getting attacked by some one he doesn’t know.

    Perhaps it was poor form for me to use your blog to vent my opinions about Schwepke, and I will respect your request to not do so in the future – on your blog that is.

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