Tea Party purity turns out to be pure bunk

I can’t stand it.  Has the Tea Party NO shame?


Sen. Elect Mike Lee, already back pedaling on his pledge to shut the government down — and a darn good thing, too, but still, he’s weaseling — now shows his disdain, his scorn, his utter contempt for the old-tyme lobbyist and power-dealing ways of the Washington that he is, by god, going to CLEAN UP by, right out of the box, hiring …..

—-wait for it —

— this is fun —–

…… a lobbyist.

And this is not to say I don’t like Spencer Stokes. He’s a nice guy, he’s well-meaning, he’s reasonably honest as these things go and I suspect he’s done a good job lobbying for Weber County and who knows who else around here for the last dozen years or so.

But still. He is a  LOBBYIST. He is THE WAY WASHINGTON IS, not the way the Tea Party promised us it would be although, I should note, in all honesty, I was never able, during the campaign, to get anyone from that alleged Tea Party to actually tell us what the new Washington would look like.

So maybe this is what they meant: Their new way would be the old way, just gussied up. And while we’re at it black is white, love is hate, war is peace, lies are history and you know  the rest. Go re-read 1984  if you need a refresher. They obviously did.

So, just as I predicted, Mike Lee will be old school. He’ll make a big noise about doing away with earmarks, a whopping .3 of one percent of the deficit, pat himself on the back, and then go about doing whatever it is he really wants to do back there, probably more tax cuts for the rich and making the world safe for Energy Solutions for whom, do not forget, he used to be a lobbyist and still may be for all we know. He won’t return calls from the media who want to ask because we might not believe every word he says like the Tea Partiers did.

Speaking of Tea Party Bunkum: I just love this story (click) about a Maryland representative who ran on a staunch Tea Party Platform of by god getting rid of Obamacare because we sure don’t need none of that there government medical insurance, nosireebobby.

So what does he do the first day on the job? Scream for his government medical insurance, paid for by your and my taxes, as government funded and socialistic as it gets.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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7 Responses to Tea Party purity turns out to be pure bunk

  1. Charles Trentelman says:

    Just noticed that they’re even running Sen. Hatch’s press releases on this blog list.

    Boy, there goes the neighborhood, eh?

  2. Bob Becker says:

    Thanks for the catch on the Md. Republican demanding instant government health care. I’d missed that. Apparently, he’s not worried about placing his life and health in the hands of a government death panel. Imagine that.

    And is Sen. Hatch now a Standard Examiner blogger? And if so, why?

  3. Di says:

    Dear god, what is up with the giant font on the blogs now? Have they totally caved and decided only the elderly read them?

  4. Freedom says:

    Sir, you obviously sit behind your computer too long. You’ve got an incestuous relationship with it.

    Let’s see if we can apply your logic to yourself?

    Oh look! Here’s another blogger with few facts and an over abundance of opinion weighing in on everything hot which he personally has not one ounce of experience….twisting facts to support his poorly derived views…stroking every angry soul who didn’t get their way.

    Well, I guess that’s one way to create followers…hmmm? I won’t be one of them that’s for sure. And I would guess you could care less. Why? Because I don’t buy your …..no……won’t go there.

    People, please do your own research….don’t believe every blog-bite you read! Twisted, selective, overreaching.

    Every once in a while, I’ll venture into the world of bloggers and almost without fail, I feel like I should take a shower when I’m done. Where’s my loofah…. it’s time to wipe this grime off.

  5. Ian says:

    Freedom, What facts were twisted in this blog post? Let’s see if we can apply your logic to yourself?

    On another note I read an article yesterday in the Tribune about Utah lawmakers refusing education funding from the feds. I was surprised that republicans were actually going to take a real stand and practice what they preach. It turns out that we (Utah) gets the money either way. It doesn’t matter whether they object or not. What a bold stand! Purely symbolic like everything else they do.

  6. Bob Becker says:


    If you go back to that Trib story, you’ll notice that the headline has changed to make it more consistent with the content of the story. The headline now says something about Utah Republican legislators now say they will “hold their noses” and take the federal education money. This “just say no to the money!” kerfuffle lasted but moments and turned out to be just another “let’s convince the home folks we mean what we say by stamping our feet and holding our breath ’til we turn blue for a while” PR stunt.

    I will take Utah legislators’ statements about turning down federal funds seriously when I see them vowing to refuse federal highway funds and federal water project funds. It seems they only get their dander up, and even then only briefly, regarding education funds. [Do you rally have to be anti-education to be a Utah Conservative Republican these days? I'm beginning to think so.] In fact, news a few weeks ago that the Administration as a cost cutting measure was considering pulling funds from the Central Utah Water Project sent Republican deficit hawks scurrying to DC to protest, shrieking outrage. Hatch among them. Just as alleged fiscal conservative Rob Bishop [R-Energy Solutions] screamed bloody murder when the Administration pulled the plug on a late, troubled and way over budget rocket development program at ATK which cost jobs in his district. And he promptly went to work to shunt other federal funds to ATK to make up for the loss.

    Utah Republican legislators denouncing federal spending don’t mean it, Ian. They never have. Ogden’s own Republican mayor was crowing last week over the IRS decision to build a new office building in his city. Like Cong. Bishop, Utah Republicans are only for cutting spending in other people’s districts and other people’s states, but not in their own.

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