Dumb criminals strike the Facebook posts!

Anyone looking for an easy laugh should check out Facebook pages by the Ogden Police and Weber County Sheriff.

There must be something to the anonymity of Facebook posts by institutions that brings out the inner Henny Youngman of whoever gets saddled with doing the Facebooking for the department that day. Either that or they’re miffed they’re stuck Facebooking today instead of catching criminals and are taking it out by being snarky.

Whichever, here is a few from today’s posting by the Weber County Sheriff. Last one is best:

–”Deputies reported it rained so much over Saturday night and Sunday morning that there was a sighting of  Noah traveling north on 1900 West with a truckload of lumber and several animals following behind him. Who said Law Enforcement doesn’t have a sense of humor!”

–‎”1800 W 1950 S: Complainant is missing a boat motor and other items over the past few days. Items were in a locked fenced in area.” (hmm. Missing boat and motor. Noah sighting. A clever policeperson would see a link here.)

–‎”2400 E 6600 S: Alert citizen reported a suspicious vehicle parked in front of their house, male driver got out, took a bicycle out of the bed of the truck and rode off towards the storage units. Suspect left his girlfriend in the vehicle. Subject was located inside a no trespassing area of the Fire Department. He gave …several stories but ended up with a citation for trespass and his identify known to law enforcement.”

–‎”4700 S 4900 W Possession of Spice: Deputy Green found 3 males sitting in their vehicle blacked out on the side of the road in a neighborhood. They were watching the rain fall and smoking Spice. They soon learned spice is illegal in West Haven”

–”Subject was brought into Ogden Regional Hospital by an ambulance and was intoxicated. Subject was released and tried to walk home but got lost. Complainant reported he needed help and was disoriented. Deputies gave the subject a ride home.” (My question: Did they ask the hospital why it let an obviously drunk person try to walk home?)

–And my personal favorite: “Girlfriend reports her boyfriend possibly suicidal. He told her “he couldn’t take it anymore”. He was located. Turns out he wasn’t suicidal, he just couldn’t take anymore of the girlfriend.”

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One Response to Dumb criminals strike the Facebook posts!

  1. Mike Brice says:

    I also love the last one!

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