Journalism and gays and hamburgers oh my!

Fun time following the coverage of this and that. On one hand, journalism has its uses, on the other, not so much.

The Great Hamburger Myth

NPR even ran this this morning, much to my disgust. Some art person in England or somewhere bought a McDonalds Happy Meal a while ago, set it out on a plate and photographed it daily to document its decomposition, or lack thereof. Who says the Internet isn’t a forum for serious work?

Needless to say, the hamburger didn’t decompose. As related here (click) it just sat, getting hard as a rock. This is being reported with glee by all and sundry because it proves,once again, that McDonalds hamburgers are loaded with preservatives and the things will never decay.


I don’t eat at McDonalds. I worked at one once for 6 months and it took me two years to go back to one. Since then I’ve learned that fast food in general was one of many causes of the diverticulitis I had a few years back, so I tend to avoid all foods that are fiber-free balls of fat, essentially. Which, as I said, lets out most fast food.

So except for the occasional sausage McMuffin (yummy) I’m not a fan.

But fair is fair. The McDonalds people say they only use pure beef, USDA inspected, and I believe them. They say it has no preservatives or extenders, and I believe them.

So why doesn’t the burger rot? Hey, you live in Utah, ever hear of beef jerky? Jerky is RAW meat that is left out to dry, and we all eat jerky all the time. It doesn’t get moldy, it doesn’t rot, it just sits.

And that’s what’s going on here: This so-called artist took a hunk of cooked meat and left it out in a house that, I am guessing, is air conditioned so it will be pretty dry. In dry air meat, and bread, don’t rot, they dry out. The story repeatedly says the burger is hard as a rock, and that means it’s dried out.

Drying meat preserves it. I wouldn’t eat this burger because it was not dried out in a manner to prevent bacteria settling in, but it’s not going to rot any time soon. As long as it stays dry it won’t mold. Dry air in Egypt has kept stuff in old tombs preserved for thousands of years.

Want it to rot? Stick it in wet dirt or tuck it into the compost pile (which you have to keep wet) and check back in a week.

And quit picking on McDonalds for things like this. Go after them for fat and calorie content.

MEANWHILE, Utah journalists are doing a good job of keeping on top of the LDS gay bashing thing. The way Elder Boyd K. Packer tried to re-write history to try to asuage the anger of gays everywhere is rather shameless.

My own take: Packer says he can’t believe God would make perverts, so they should just cut it out. But isn’t that drawing a judgement on God?  The LDS Church does say that being gay is not a choice, so that ought to settle the question of whether gays are really perverts.

Seems to me, the proper thing is to look at those God has created and say “Well, God must have had his reasons. Who am I to question?”

Yeah, yeah, the Old Testament says God condemns gays. It says a lot of thing. Jesus said he was tossing all that out, remember? “I will tear down this temple …” and so on?

He’s the guy who said to treat everyone as you want to be treated, but what did he know?

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6 Responses to Journalism and gays and hamburgers oh my!

  1. Sandy says:

    My son once left a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs on a shelf in his closet. I found it about six months later. I know, since I was the chef, exactly what ingredients were in those meatballs. The bowl was still quite pretty. It looked almost appetizing. When I picked it up, the thing was like concrete. It looked a little like the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Perhaps I should have put a photo of it on the “sightings” segment of the FSM website.

    I grew up a Mormon. I “got to go” to church. In childhood, the racial and religious prejudice that abounded in not only family groups, but in the neighborhood and in the elementary school was the butt of jokes and entertainment. You couldn’t say the words H-E-double toothpicks or “damn” (unless you said Pine View first), but the N-word, spic, and fag were totally cool. Gay people? It was a myth, like Bigfoot and dinosaurs. It just didn’t exist for real.

    As a teenager, I found out about all the lies. Lost a gay friend to suicide, likely for the exact reasons perpetuated by Boyd K. Packer and religions in general. I couldn’t believe God would do that to anybody and nothing made sense. I went from believing in God to believing in life. First time stuff seemed to make sense and I could quit having nightmares about the moon turning into blood and zombies coming out of the earth. I haven’t been to church since 1983. I bet they still count me on the rolls

    Also, I suppose I can’t believe in a God that would do that to a bowl of delicious spaghetti. With meatballs. But the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Yeah, he would do that. He doesn’t even mind gay people. I guess I missed the sign.

  2. Catherine Burt says:

    RE: Packer’s comments… yes in fact God makes all kinds of people who are not in the middle of the bell curve… gives them afflictions and imperfections, gifts and genius as well – that they can’t just “overcome.”

    I thought it was pretty arrogant too, for him to say that “Heavenly Father wouldn’t dispose someone” to what someone else finds unnatural. “Not understanding our brother’s path does not make him confused.” (Straight from a 3rd season episode of Kung Fu).

    As far as the hamburgers… that experiment was done years ago. It was the fries that never decomposed.

  3. ctrentelman says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster makes a LOT more sense than any other god.He’s more entertaining, and nutritious too!.

  4. Kris Baker says:

    Anyone who believes that ANY man or woman speaks to their personal version of God, is also gullible enough to:

    1 – Fall for Nigerian 411 scams.
    2 – Buy from GoldLine.
    3 – Take Glenn Beck’s word for everything.
    4 – Enter PCH *and* buy stuff “just to make sure I win”.
    5 – Constantly forward EVERY chain letter hoax email.
    6 – Believe gays choose their life (but hets don’t).
    7 – Ask you if you’ve heard the good news about Amway.

    Off topic:

    In honor of the men who bring us coal, I think we should all take time out from our busy lives and celebrate the rescue of the Chilean coal miners.

  5. tom says:

    I agree with you Kris about honoring the people who bring us coal, however I think this mine in Chile is for Copper and Gold. They are actually Chilean gold miners, soon to be pawned over, mauled and then discarded by the world press and media empires.

  6. Kris Baker says:

    You’re right, Tom.
    But if you clicked on the link, you’ll see I was just trying to bring some levity to the situation. It was intentional.

    The only thing that will save the 33 from the glare of publicity, is that there’s so many of them. They’ll have some individual anonymity (except for that one guy whose mistress, rather than wife, showed up when he emerged).

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