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Undocumented huddled masses can yearn somewhere else

Today is the Birthday of the Statue of Liberty. Bob Hunter, at the United Way, sent out an email with the original poem that that statue inspired, and it is a lovely sentiment: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your … Read More

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Why ALL budget balancers are full of hot air

Mike Lee, (R-Energy Solutions), trying to be a U.S. Senator from Utah, accidentally brought up a huge truth in a recent debate. He said he’d cut the federal budget by 40 percent to balance it. He claims now he was … Read More

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Herbert bought off by coal? And more Tea Party loons

I keep trying to say that Utah’s politicians aren’t on the payroll of their donors, but they do seem to make it hard to keep up the argument. Consider Gov. Gary Herbert and Alton Coal. As this letter to the … Read More

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Dumb criminals strike the Facebook posts!

Anyone looking for an easy laugh should check out Facebook pages by the Ogden Police and Weber County Sheriff. There must be something to the anonymity of Facebook posts by institutions that brings out the inner Henny Youngman of whoever … Read More

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GOP chasing more straw men, this time at NPR

Gad. Juan Williams steps over the line on Fox, NPR says this hurts his credibility as an analyst and discontintues his contract, suddenly the Republican Party is screaming censorship and accusing NPR of being “Liberal,” which, from what I can tell, … Read More

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What we will lose with "free" news

Chivers isn’t a blogger. He’s a reporter who does a hell of a job. He deserves to be paid. If you read his stuff, you should pay him. Unless you are OK with the people who buy what your produces not paying your boss. How long would Larry Miller stay in business if nobody paid to watch movies in his theaters or paid for the cars they drive off his lots?

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East Germany also solved that pesky "democracy" problem

OK, it’s going from sublime to rediculous, or maybe rediculous to rediculouser, take ur pick. First Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell says the First Amendment doesn’t separate Church from State, which is silly enough, since there isn’t a … Read More

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Tea Party donor hypocrisy, Gubernatorial donor overreach

A couple of interesting political stories today. The Nevada senate race reveals just how hypocritical a Tea Party candidate can be, and Utah’s Gubernatorial race is getting a bit strange. In Utah, we see Gov. Herbert defending himself against charges … Read More

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Journalism and gays and hamburgers oh my!

Fun time following the coverage of this and that. On one hand, journalism has its uses, on the other, not so much. The Great Hamburger Myth NPR even ran this this morning, much to my disgust. Some art person in … Read More

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I wonder how nude 2nd Amendment advocates would do?

Another sad day — two decisions by the US Supreme Court have struck blows to the First Amendment. One serious. One, well, OK, not so much. Can I mention nudity here, just to boost the web hits? First, the Supreme … Read More

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