Tea Bag folk owe Sen. Bennett an apology over TARP

Short and sweet: TARP was a success. The $700 billion “bailout” kept the banks from failing, kept the markets from crashing worse and, most important, is only going to cost the taxpayers $50 billion, worst case scenario, and may even make money.

That’s the news anyway. Story here (click!)

Yup that is the horrible disaster our grandchildren were saddled with — a program that worked and won’t cost much. I can clearly see why the Tea Party poopheads hate it so.  They even forced out Sen. Bob Bennett over it. They’d rather have seen markets collapse, banks fail, the entire nation’s retirement programs disappear, all to prove their point that unfettered markets are better.

Frankly, I’d rather they conduct their socio/political experiments with someone else’s money — or merely their own.

But they won’t. TARP’s success even ensured that the social programs that support many older Tea Party people — Social Security, Medicare, Railroad Retirement, Military Retirement, and on and on — will be able to take care of them even as they shout out to condemn socialized everything. My tax dollars will keep them healthy and in comfort even as they rage against me paying those tax dollars, but never quite seem ready to turn those same dollars down.

I bet they’ll even condemn Pres. G. W. Bush who — remember? — was the guy in office when TARP was approved. So, thanks to him, too, for having the wisdom or courage or desperation or whatever it was to sign the thing. TARP has shamelessly saddled our grandchildren with absolutely no debt at all and left us with relatively stable markets that are slowly staggering back, an economy that didn’t completely tank, and unemployment at 10 percent and damn lucky it isn’t worse, considering.

Now, let’s get back to cutting taxes, increasing military spending, firing government workers while fighting unemployment and balance that budget!

Oh, yeah, and kick out Obama because it’s all his fault!

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6 Responses to Tea Bag folk owe Sen. Bennett an apology over TARP

  1. Niawo says:

    I’ve never thought of the Tea Party as being a rational entity. When they went after Bennett for his support of TARP, they were trying to condemn him for a practice that gets Obama plenty of criticism. They were willing to do whatever they could to come up with enough dirt to make people turn sour towards Bennett rather than figuring out why exactly he wasn’t fit for the job.

    It was time for Bennett to go to make it possible for someone else to have a chance, but he didn’t need to go out the way he did.

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    You’re expecting apologies from political people who employed falsehoods to fell a political opponent? That’s the preferred method of attack politics today. It works. They can depend on voters (and in the Utah case, party hacks) to overlook lies so they can take down a boogeyman they’ve identified.

    The only solution to this problem is for voters to punish the liars. Sadly, that usually does not happen.

  3. Stephen Cook says:

    The core of the Republican Party believes Social Darwinism is good public policy; the average Tea Party supporter probably do not even realize that their policies, if wholly enacted, would lead inexorably to a world with 99.9 percent abject slaves of banking interests.
    Of course, the tiny cabal of super-rich know this. They were shocked to see TARP enacted. They purposely crashed Democracy/Capitalism into a ditch, thinking that the situation they created would lead immediately to the rise of Pharaoh World.
    In a global oligarchy, there is no Sinai to lead the people into.

  4. tom says:

    There you go making sense again Mr. T

    Jeeze, don’t you ever give it a break?

  5. Dovie says:

    Wish I could say I thought Stephen Cook was crazy. I don’t know that much about banking, but I totally believe there is a cabal intent on proving that the healthcare law won’t work.

    The Tea Baggers all suffer from the delusion that they are in the “rich” group and the poor are taking something away from them. .

    I’m waiting for the sots to realize they are middle class and that they have declared war on themselves.

  6. Mike Johnson says:

    It takes a man to apologize. Don’t expect to hear any apologies from teabaggers.

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