More UDOT bid scandal stuff

I’m glad to see the SL media is all over the bid flap involving Gov. Herbert and the $13 million. Latest wrinkle (here!) involves improper relationships between a UDOT employee and a contractor that everyone swears had nothing to do with any improper bidding practices, they swear, honest!


It’s a continuation of the problem that Utah has been running a jobs program/incestuous relationship for years called UDOT — contractors are some of the biggest donors to politicians who, in return, make sure that highways always get funded even when schools have to take cuts because how else will the little darlings get to school except on a lovely 8-lane Interstate?

I still haven’t seen anyone answer this question: Does UDOT always have piles of $13 million laying around it can cut checks for without having to tell anyone? I mean, anyone?

What if UDOT decides to throw a party for chorus girls from Wendover — they can just hand over piles of money and explain later that, really, it was just to keep them from suing and there was nothing improper going on?

SPEAKING of stupid UDOT stuff — Not only is 12th Street in Ogden going to take forever to finish because, as I understand it, they didn’t write the contract with a firm finish date so the contractor can drag it out as long as they want, and have.

But now, to add insult to injury, Ogden is going to tear up a hunk of Wall Avenue to redo sewer lines. Which hunk? Well, part of the hunk that UDOT resurfaced and repaved just last year. That hunk.

Millions of tax dollars to play with and they don’t own a single telephone, apparently.

Your tax dollars at work, or play, whichever.

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2 Responses to More UDOT bid scandal stuff

  1. Jim Hutchins says:

    This reminds me a lot of the 2002 Olympics scandal.

    What’s sad is that the people involved don’t see themselves as bad people. Rather, they do a little bit of bad a little bit at a time for so long that after a while, they’re deep in the Unethical Woods and they can’t see their way home.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    Ogden isn’t the only place where streets are dug up after a major road work project was accomplished. I recall seeing the same thing happen in Germany several times. But the Germans didn’t wait a year – the sewer project started even before the asphalt cooled. I was amazed how the two projects couldn’t be coordinated. Anyone who can’t figure out how to coordinate two such projects needs to find another job.

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