What would Jesus do? Why, hate, of course.

Just a brief Monday morning moment taking note of the current insanity.

The Dove World Outreach Center is in Gainesville, Florida, where I lived when going to the University of Florida. The residents, then, didn’t seem horribly unbalanced but at least a few have taken a turn, shall we say.

Specifically, the wackos at the Dove Word Outreach Center.

Just for grins I checked out their web site (click here, if you dare!) The spewing of hate and vile in the name of Jesus is rather astounding, not unlike those equally hate-filled Jesus followers in Kansas who protest at the funerals of American servicemen because they got what they deserved because America hasn’t found Jesus yet, as evidence by the fact it still tolerates gays.

Dove is the bunch that wants to burn the Koran in 9-11. General Petraeus says this action will indanger our troops and set back the war several years, but he’s obviously a Liberal who doesn’t support our troops because, of course, the way to further democracy and freedom and diversity and tolerance, all those good old fashioned American values we all love to ignore at every opportunity, is to burn the Koran, the holy book of numerous hundreds of millions of perfectly peaceful Muslims. I mean, it’s obvious, right?

There is a warped kind of logic to it — Dove is Christian  religious fanatics who want to piss off Muslim religious fanatics, and it takes one to know one. Interestingly, by doing this they guarantee (as Petraeus says) that all Muslims of all stripe, peaceful or otherwise, will get the wrong idea about the majority of Christians — talk about a PR gold mine for Al Quida – and of course the Christians will feel irritated at being misunderstood, just as the majority of Muslims are amazed at how Americans are misunderstanding them.

It’s a downward spiral of hate, all fueled by people who want to get publicity or electorial office or money or fame from driving that hate.

You kind of wonder if Dove World Outreach is working in cahoots with those wackos in Kansas — by burning the Koran they’ll anger people in Afghanistan who will kill more Americans, thus giving the people in Kansas more funerals to protest at.

Everyone wins! Except the dead soldiers! But we support our troops — six pall bearers per troop – so it’s OK!

And it’s all in the name of Jesus.

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16 Responses to What would Jesus do? Why, hate, of course.

  1. Kris Thompson says:

    Exactly right. I wish it were only the fanatical Florida Christians who were so out of touch and so utterly bigoted, but it’s not. I’ve been (figuratively) smacked about by otherwise intelligent people on this issue. People who’ve told me that if I support the right of Muslims to practice their faith freely (ala that pesky Constitution), I am a killer of homosexuals, a stoner of women, and a supporter of the torture of little girls everywhere. *I* am all those things because I refuse to condemn all Muslims. I have been told by these same “good, moral” people that all Muslims are evil because it is not possible to follow the Quran and be anything but evil.

    These people rarely have an answer when I ask them whether or not, in keeping with the Bible, they stoned their son to death for impertinence and disrespect.

    Charles, it’s an issue that is so wrapped up in racism and so emotionally charged that even trying to speak to these people causes violent explosions. It’s their hate, their bigotry, and therefore it’s not hatred or bigotry at all, and how dare we suggest otherwise?

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  3. Kris Baker says:

    Part of the problem we have, is that ANYONE can create “a church”, and enjoy the freedom from taxation that their business earns.

    The nuts in Kansas (Rev Fred Phelps) seem to have lots of time to protest all over town; I’ve seen them. They stand on street corners, get chased away by the cops, and then go somewhere else and start over.

    Somewhere, someone’s financially supporting these false religions but it’s not politically correct to challenge a religion;s nonprofit status.

    I say it’s time we do. Any “religion” (and I do mean any) that has money left over at the end of the year, should lose its nonprofit status.

    That might help get rid of the taxpayer-supported hate we see in this country.

    Maybe we named Kris are onto something?

  4. Charles Trentelman says:

    it has been my observation that people named Kris are very wise.

  5. Doug Gibson says:

    Do you remember the scene in Annie Hall, where Alvie Singer gets Marshall McLuhan to refute the pompous media/culture professor. It would be so cool to grab God to tell off that idiot from Dove. In the meantime, we’ll have to rely on common sense.

  6. Kris Baker says:

    And Charlie shows that he’s a man of great taste.

    Doug, yes. God coming down and speaking to the Dove Nutbars is the only way these “independent religious businesses” could be shown for the taxpayer-supported haters they are.

    But apparently He did. They prayed, God spoke, and the book burning will proceed as scheduled.

    I swear, he’s John Bolton’s doppelganger with 50 followers.

  7. Charles Trentelman says:

    Your naivette is so charming.

    Bringing God would never work because they’d say the god who was telling them something other than what they believe was really Satin in disguise.

  8. SPO101 says:

    To Terry Jones;
    Didn’t the Christian brethren pass along the warning from GOD! Lloyd the Baptist communicated to all the Christian organizations and associations, apparently they didn’t think much of you to save your soul.

    Heard last Christmas from Lloyd the Baptist in southern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near El Macho, NM.

    Sermon from Lloyd the Baptist
    Matthew 24:35-36
    “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knoweth NO MAN, no, not the angels of heaven, but my FATHER ONLY”
    Matthew 25:13
    “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the SON of man cometh”
    REMEMBER those two Bible quotes. I’ll get back to THAT later…

    I give thanks and praise to the Almighty GOD, the SON JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT… I’ve just come back from my yearly Christmas pilgrimage into the Blood of Christ mountains. I walked out of the Sangre de Cristos with a MESSAGE from the SON. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is NOT happy…

    Search your hearts and minds for the faith to BELIEVE what I tell you is TRUE. The WRATH of GOD is about to come down on those that displease the LORD. I’m bring a WARNING for CHRISTIANS, heed the WORD of the LORD or be punished for your ignorance…

    I was baptized in HOLY SPIRIT and tell you NOW… the HOLY TRINITY is in NO WAY associated with ANY of the paranoid, delusional right-wing, moralists that congregate in America’s Evangelical Christian community. An angel of GOD, surrounded with the Holy Spirit, appeared to me near the mountain top at the Holy Hot Spring.

    A terrifying vision was revealed to me… the suffering and degradation of a whole generation of good Christians who were led astray by FALSE PROPHETS. Ohhh can one even imagine the PAINFUL scene of so many Christians being cast into HELL?
    (Lloyd weeping)

    Basically decent, hardworking Americans who were convinced that GOD was their good friend and JESUS their personal savior. Only to find out… to REALIZE they were supporting policies that came from satan himself. Holy delusions that actually fooled millions of church goers into a belief system that PRAYS FOR WAR while PRAYING AGAINST HEALTH CARE for fellow Americans and the least of their Brothers/Sisters. 47 million of them… JESUS was a healer, right?

    Christians allowed themselves to be turned away from Nature and this precious environment GOD created to meet ALL our needs. While their Corporate Masters used the air and water as SEWERS and ground to bury TOXIC WASTE… Pastors were taught to demonize or make fun of cultures that cherish Nature or the Sun. Science is sent to the back of the bus. So lost in their right-wing Christian vanity… they consider themselves more intelligent than the world’s top climate scientists.

    Instead of feeding the starving human beings of the world… Christians allowed their tax dollars to be used to PROVIDE WEAPONS instead. How dare you BELIEVE that JESUS was on the same side as the WAR PROFITEERS, ARMS DEALERS!

    JESUS says “…satan thrives on chaos, suffering, conflict, war, destroying nature, etc. and those who PROFIT from THAT are his followers”

    Back in the USA 40+MILLION Americans are struggling below the poverty level but Conservative Christian priorities are about tax cuts for the RICH and tax deductible status for churches connected to their Evangelical Associations. Listening to Pat Robertson speak out against Wall St. reform and regulation, one could get the idea these type Christians would have defended the “money changers” from JESUS.

    Charity is NOT for love’s sake but a MISSION to spread their warped belief system and hatred of gays/lesbians to the poor peoples of the world.

    JESUS says Christians are not using the good brain cells the FATHER blessed them with. They ignored Bible quotes above, while listening to authors of the FICTIONAL “Left Behind” books (OR John Nelson Darby) ARE YOU MORoNS CRAZY? Jumping for joy that the end is near and JESUS is on his way to take them to paradise in the clouds.

    The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY says Christians will be STOPPED before they give the Neo-Cons/Republican Party enough wealth and power to hurry along Armageddon. Only GOD knows the time of Revelations prophecies, those that tell you different are false prophets leading you on the PATH TO HELL! The WRATH of GOD will soon be upon you unless YOU REPENT! Show humility and ask forgiveness for your FOOLISHNESS, LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES and SINS of the past.

    After December 27, 2009 if you do not turn from the wicked ways… the very words from Christian mouths will be a plague on their daily lives. If they cast stones, they will be shown and exposed as hypocrites… If they curse their fellow man/woman the curse will come back at them. If they fail to look out for the poor, jobless, homeless, starving, physically/mentally ill or any other of the least of your brothers/sisters then fortunes will be lost and your children will know of these afflictions.

    In the name of father GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT… So it is written, so shall it be DONE! Through the blessed mercy of JESUS CHRIST you been given this WARNING and last chance… What you do with it is up to YOU!
    End transmission:

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  10. Kat Ash says:

    I agree, It has gotten soo bad that I’m almost ashamed to call myself a christian because I would be associated with these hateful, biggoted, fear, and gossipmongering manipulators. Jesus cared for the sick, the poor “He didn’t say that only the rich were blessed, I think He said something about a camel getting through the eye of a needle than them entering paradise”. And He spoke a whole chapter on chewing out the church leaders at that time about what hypocrites and thieves they were in Math.23 don’t believe me check it out for yourselves. That gets me back to “what would Jesus do?” Well I’m told that I’m not a mind reader even though I’ve been known to finnish a couple of my husbands sentences. So I opted for “what DID Jesus do” that way I could check it out for myself without feeling judgemental.

  11. ctrentelman says:

    Maybe we need another name for it: I find it hard to believe any follower of Christ would burn, or hate, or judge, or do any of the things these other so-called “Christians” are doing, but it is unfortunate that they seem to have co-opted the name.

    Or, at least, a pliant media has allowed them to.

    Maybe “Nice people.” Christ was a nice guy. Hard to think how it could be co-opted also.

  12. War is history is war. Eventually, there will be an east v. west showdown.
    And neither side will be the victor, as the act of being the victor will create a necessary antipodal opposition, ad infinitum.
    Please, take care of the children.

    Big brains are an evolutionary dead end.

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  14. Kris Baker says:

    I’m starting to believe that Jones is committing PERFORMANCE ART.
    Now he wants a personal call from President Obama.

    It’s like he’s holding the world hostage, and I’m sure, he’s getting donations and recruitments due to his actions.

    The tax-exempt status of his church is being challenged, due to his past political actions.

    At some point in this country, we really need to investigate the number of tax-exempt, nonprofit “churches”, because it’s obvious that many are there ONLY as tax-sheltered political loudspeakers.

  15. Kris Baker says:

    THIS is the mentality we’re dealing with:

    “Dove’s standing as a tax-exempt religious institution is under investigation by Alachua County officials because of accusations by former church members that Jones and his wife require congregants to work for free at his for-profit company, which sells furniture on eBay. (The Joneses deny the charge.) ”


    At first, Terry and Sylvia Jones split time between the Cologne and Gainesville churches. Then in 2008 they cut ties with the Cologne church after members accused the couple of financial improprieties connected with their side business, TS and Company, which is owned by Terry and Sylvia Jones. TS and Company sells vintage furniture on eBay and was supposed to help support the churches.

    Terry and Sylvia Jones have also been accused of of labor abuses by former members in Florida because they allegedly use students from Dove’s religious school, called the Dove World Outreach Academy, to pack furniture for TS and Company, which is owned by Terry and Sylvia Jones, who is Jones’ second wife. Gainesville authorities have been investigating the church’s tax-exempt status.


    This “church” is out of hand. And so are many others. When we drove through Knoxville a couple of years ago, and saw a church building for sale as “business opportunity”…our hair caught on fire.

    Maybe we should all declare ourselves nonprofit “churches”.

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