Can one in five Americans really be this dumb?

Short and sweet: A poll just out (click!) shows that one in five Americans thinks that President Obama is a Muslim.

No, seriously, that’s what it says.

He’s not, of course. He was also born in Hawaii and, as far as I know, does not have any computerized body organs, nor does he regularly communicate through mental telepathy with the Planet Zoom.

It is hard to parce a thing like this.  Do people say he’s a Muslim on these polls just to be silly? To cause trouble?

Can they possibly really believe it? Can one if five Americans really be this stupid? If there were any truth to the allegation do they honestly think that John McCain wouldn’t have pointed it out during the campaign?

If you click on the link, you get a blog at the Washington Post that looks at some of the comments on the Post’s story about this, as well as links to the poll. Those who defend saying Obama is a Muslim are similar to the “Birther” camp who say, essentially, that nobody has proven he is not, so they will assume he is.

And what will prove he is not? Since you cannot prove a negative, they will never accept any proof. He goes to church? A clever disguise. He says he’s Christian? That’s what you’d expect him to say.

Nobody’s ever seen him worship as a Muslim? My cousins’ friend’s brother-in-law’s buddy from the Army heard a news report that Obama once said he thinks Muslims are nice. What further proof do you need?

Around and around we go, spreading hate and ignorance.

So, in that same spirit, I will make these statements, and you are free to try to prove me wrong:

Sarah Palin is a member of the Zuni Indian tribe and regularly attends nude potlatches.

Newt Gingrich worships at the feet of Baal, including sacrificing human babies.

Glenn Beck is an athiest. All his professions to the contrary are to be expected from one who is trying to hide the truth. Why do you think he works so hard to sell Gold?

How do I know these things are true?

The same way one in five Americans knows Obama is a Muslim.

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9 Responses to Can one in five Americans really be this dumb?

  1. John Norvell says:

    Yes but you’re assuming a lot. You didn’t say WHICH Americans think he’s a Muslim, you just assumed it was those people who don’t like him. Maybe he got 20% of his vote from those who like Muslims! :P lol.

    On a related note, Newt Gingrich should run for President, he would get the all-important “baby sacrificing” vote.

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    Newt’s a fine one to talk — gave rousing speeches on family values and family solidity and the sanctity of marriage, then went home and, the same night, tried to convince his wife of the moment that she should let him continue to have an affair.

    And yet nobody on the right condemns him. Anyone seen his kids lately?

  3. Charles Trentelman says:

    ps: Interesting expansion on the poll from Alan Cooperman from the Pew Research company that did the poll, asked if people say Obama is a Muslim because it’s just something bad to call him:

    Alan Cooperman: That’s a perceptive point. Some of the people — perhaps many of the people — who say that Obama is a Muslim may be using this question as an opportunity to express their dislike or distrust of the president. One reason to think that that’s the case is that there’s a clear association in the poll numbers between what people say about Obama’s religion and their political judgments on him. Think of it as a sliding scale. At one end are the folks who say Obama is a Christian. They generally give him favorable job performance ratings. In the middle are the folks who say they don’t know what Obama’s religion is; they are about evenly split in their job approval ratings (44% approve, 40% disapprove of his performance as president). Then there are the folks who say Obama is a Muslim. They overwhelmingly (67%) give him negative job approval ratings. All this is why, again, I would urge people looking seriously at this poll to look NOT JUST at the rising numbers who say Obama is a Muslim, but also, what’s equally or more revealing about the general public, the declining percentages who say he is a Christian and the rising number who say they just don’t know.

  4. AMERICA says:

    Dingle Barry sez: Son-of-a $@!&% !!! I’ve been outed!

  5. laytonian says:

    Funny how it’s always “20%” who fall for the most outlandish theories about *anything*.

    They’re the 20% of people who believe any chain letter hoax email and are certain to pass it on to you.

    I’d like to know if they’re the same gullible 20% who fall for get-rich-quick schemes.

  6. Mark Shenefelt says:

    My guess is the truth is more complex than “20 percent of the people are dumb.”
    - Branding Obama as a Muslim is a convenient pejorative, among many Obama critics almost interchangeable with socialist, communist, racist against whites. “He’s not one of us, he’s one of them.”
    - Some of the 20 percent may have latched onto the fact that Obama spent a little time in a Malaysian madrassa as a boy. Once a Muslim (or stepping inside a Muslim school), always a Muslim, the thinking may go.
    - If you’re against Obama, it sounds a lot better to put as many demonizing affiliations on your list as you can come up with, no matter whether they’re true. “Why, I’m against him because he’s a church-going Christian” would not make the list.
    - Many of the 20-percenters likely bathe daily in the acidic, xenophobic brew served up by the right-wing talk shows and “news” programs.

  7. He is Muslim says:

    What this poll does not elaborate on is that many people who say he is a Muslim KNOW that he has stated that he is a Christian. They just don’t believe him. He has lied about so many other things and been very sympathetic to Muslims without corresponding sympathy towards his own citizens. So it’s not that 21% of the country is simply “incorrect”. It is that 21% believe he is a Muslim in his heart.

  8. laytonian says:

    The same people who believe Obama is Muslim, also screamed about Obama’s 21-year-old relationship with Rev Wright’s church.

  9. camperben says:

    The same people who believe Obama is Muslim, also screamed about Obama’s 21-year-old relationship with Rev Wright’s church


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