Am I the only one who sees these are stupid?

A trio of exercises in futility to ponder today:

– I got an e-mail from a friend who is of the Republican/Tea Party pursuasion linking me to an Internet poll that CBS is taking on President Obama.

It’s one of those “good job bad job” things the Internet does so badly, and the link includes a note from one of the previous forwarders that says  ”Looks like the messiah isn’t doing too well!”

Hey, no bias there!

On-line polls are a waste of time because they are not scientifically-selected samples. This one is obviously being forwarded around among Tea Party types who will pack it, making it even more worthless.

But, if it makes you feel good, go for it.

– Got an e-mail from Rep. Rob Bishop decrying Obama’s failure to secure our borders, citing a drug cartel incident near Nogales in which 21 people were shot in a shoot-out.

Bishop says this is further proof that Obama has done a bad job of securing our borders, a task which would, to be really successful, require hundreds of thousands of troops permanently stationed out in the desert, not to mention walls, trenches, radar, barbed wire, whatever.

The Iron Curtain across Europe is a good example, and that cost Russia a fortune to maintain. Why do you think they eventually went broke? And tell us, Rob, where is the money for all this going to come from?

My answer to Rob: So legalize drugs and cut those cartels off at the knees. All those cartels, all their guns, all their operations, are financed by the good people of the United States of America who send billions of dollars a year south to buy drugs.

Legalize drugs, the money would stay here, the gangs would go bankrupt, the violence would end. They might still make a little off illegal migrants, but illegal migrants, by definition, are poor.

You can’t make a lot of  money off the poor. You make lots of money off the rich and that’s what the cartels are doing, taking billions from Americans despite the idiotic and completely failed war on drugs.

– Our third exercise in futility is a Facebook page calling for a one-day boycott of BP oil, or all oil — ho hum. This again?

So everyone waits a day to fill up their tank, or fills it up the day before. Either way, they drive around on THE day smug that they’ve really socked it to those jerks at BP.

Meanwhile, the guys at BP are laughing their asses off.

If Americans want to hurt BP, or Big Oil in general, they have to drive less all the time, not just one day. They have to cut their use of cars all the time, not just for one day.

But, oh dear, that would mean actual sacrifice.

Never mind.

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18 Responses to Am I the only one who sees these are stupid?

  1. Kury says:

    Your not the only one. Refreshing post. Thanks.

  2. Justin says:

    One day boycott of oil? Wow. I’m going to try exercising one day and see if that does anything.

    BP has sold most of its filling stations, and distributes to a bunch of stations owned by other companies. An effective boycott would take research and effort, two things that the average American isn’t willing to do. And don’t even speak of reducing consumption. This is America, after all. We do what we want.

    Furthermore, is it any better to give your money to Exxon, Texaco, or other oil companies? They’re all evil in my book.

    Interesting article about these points:

    Thanks for your blogs, Charlie, I always enjoy them.

  3. CB says:

    My favorite hands down is the “Boycott BP” bumper sticker. For cars. That run on petroleum.


  4. JJ Wilson says:

    Actually I don’t put stock in any polls, scienticially selected or not, so personally I tend to disregard them on any and all subjects.

    And as for Rob Bishop – I am voting for Morgan Bowen. Last Saturday I heard Pearson and Starrett (sp?) at a local Coffee Party meeting and I am definitely voting for Bowen.

  5. Randall Patrick McMurphy says:

    Don”t tell me you are becoming Doug Gibson and his love of polls.

  6. Charles Trentelman says:

    hardly. Polls are only as good as the questions they ask and the sample they are based on. Having seen the way a PhD sociologist draws up a poll or survey, and all the work it takes to get the questions and methods precisely done so the results are reliable, I have to say my faith in most polls that make it into the news is very very shaky.

  7. Bob Becker says:


    In re: this — “– Got an e-mail from Rep. Rob Bishop decrying Obama’s failure to secure our borders, citing a drug cartel incident near Nogales in which 21 people were shot in a shoot-out. Bishop says this is further proof that Obama has done a bad job of securing our borders ….”

    And just where did this shootout happen? ” 20 miles south of Nogales, Arizona.” Isn’t another way to say that “in Mexico.” So a drug cartel shootout in Mexico is evidence of President Obama’s failure to secure the US border? Is Rob suggesting we should invade Mexico and establish a DMZ fifteen or twenty miles into that country and maintain it permanently? I wouldn’t put it past him. Last time we tried something like that on the US/Mexican border, Wilson was President, and Black Jack Pershing ran the invasion. It failed.

    But then, Rob Bishop was Brigham City’s idea of a good high school American history teacher — one parent told the SE his classroom looked like “Republican Party headquarters.” She meant it as a compliment — so expecting him to actually know American geography or history is probably unreasonable. About as unreasonable as actually expecting him to act like the fiscal conservative he claims to be.

  8. Dovie says:

    Polls remind me of Daniel Webster’s “The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose.” These guys pick the outcome they want, then choose a group of people to poll.

  9. tom says:

    Great piece Mr. T


  10. laytonian says:

    Bob, good point.

    Now…..wasn’t Rob Bishop an “educator” in a previous career? If so, I hope he didn’t teach geography.

    Man….that only shows how gullible he believes his constituents are.

  11. dkm1469 says:

    “that only shows how gullible he believes his constituents are.”

    No belief necessary, they ARE that gullible……

  12. Phil Culver says:

    “Securing our borders” is apolitical. It has nothing to do with one of the two primary parties. Of course, it was Reagan who first gave out amnesty to all the illegals in the 80′s. So what has been done since then to fix the problem?
    Nothing by Bush over 4 years.
    Nothing by Clinton over 8 years.
    Nothing by Bush over 8 years.
    Nothing by Obama for over 2 two years.

    So that is 12 years of Republican inactivity to 10 years of Democrat inativity.

  13. Marge says:

    Comrade Obama doesn’t believe in polls either. Especially the ones you don’t believe in that shows a vast majority of Americans now know he sold us out!

  14. Robert Emenger says:

    “Comrade Obama”? Seriously? I had a guy come to my office claiming he was conducting research for our Utah representatives, and he was interested in my opinion of Rob Bishop. After laying out a detailed litany of idiotic and imbecilic statements Bishop’s made over the years, he quickly scooted out. Anyone else been approached by one of these guys? I have a suspicion he was going to ask for a donation to combat the “evil Democrats”, but didn’t dare after our little discussion. If you want me to send him your way, Marge, give me some contact information. You and him can have some tea, together.

  15. Karissa says:

    A joy to read, especially as one of those sociologist that puts research and effort into conducting polls with the intention of unbiased results. I am disappointed in the lack of comments regarding your keen observation of the resources wasted on this country’s War on Drugs. Great points, I only hope someone’s listening…

  16. packsoldier says:

    Er…Chuck? He’s not doing well in the scientific polls either.

  17. Nevada Smith says:

    Gallup is very accurate…political parties use these numbers to form strategies…to discount these polls is irresponsible… Obama is tanking….fastest fall in history

    The problem of immigration is in the lap of the ACLU and other groups that keep fighting for immigration rights (the illegal side)…the courts tie things up…just like in Arizona….wake up folks it’s an invasion!!! They should lock-down the borders and allow workers to move more easily through the gates…like the bracero program back in the fifties and sixties…get the libs out of the way and enforce the law….and let real workers in to work, not welfare seekers…and drop this anchor baby idea…. we are the only country in the world that allows that ridiculous idea

  18. Charles Trentelman says:

    interestingly, President Bush proposed pretty much what you are asking for, Nevada — and Gov. herbert and AG Shurtleff are also asking for a work program.

    Guess who shot down President Bush?

    His own party. And all the people screaming “They’re Illegal!”

    So be careful, word gets out that you are looking at what you a proposing here, you will be condemned as a weenie liberal.

    Ironic, is it not?

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