Your benefits are a sacrifice I'm willing to make

Interesting article in today’s business section (HERE! CLICK!) about the usual condemnation of the federal deficit and how it’s going to wreck the nation and we certainly MUST do something but don’t you even think about cutting my goodies or raising my taxes because, really, what are you thinking?

This reminds me of a poll done recently (CLICK HERE) showing that the majority of Americans actually like the health care reform bill except for senior citizens, the one group in the nation that gets socialized medicine now, because apparently seniors are worried that giving socialized medicine to others will mean less socialized medicine for them and, really, what are you thinking?

This in turn reminds me of my favorite incident ever at a Tea Party rally I went to a bit ago – and I know I’ve told this before, but it’s too good to leave alone — where the elderly guy next to me asked me if I was in favor of the health care reform and I said  yes, and he said he wasn’t, and I looked at his gray hair and wrinkles and thinking to myself “Come into my web little fly” asked, very innocently, “So what sort of health insurance to you have?”

“I’m ashamed to admit it but I have Medicare,” he said.

‘You’re welcome!” I said, and slapped him on the knee.

“What for?” he said.

“I’m paying for your medical care!” I said.

He disagreed, but I am. This is a guy opposed to others getting what he’s got, which is good quality, low-cost medical care paid for by others.

So, of course, he’s in the Tea Party and outraged at increased goverment spending.

Or there’s the article the Washington Post ran a bit ago about the woman credited with inspiring the start of the Tea Party who is outraged at government spending and will get a job again herself  just as soon as she can get Medicare to pay for her two new knees …

Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Cut government spending? We ran an article a cupla weeks ago about Utah’s, and especially Ogden’s, rapid economic recovery in the recession. Key reason: Almost 10 percent of Ogden jobs are for the Federal government — Hill, the IRS, others. Slash government bureaucracy anyone?

I should note, several times in my column and on this blog, I have asked people to help cut the federal deficit by taking away their parents’ Social Security and Medicare cards. I am still waiting for the first respondent.

Tax hike anyone?

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13 Responses to Your benefits are a sacrifice I'm willing to make

  1. Phil Culver says:

    You’re???? How about “Your”. Your credibility is at stake if you can’t use elementary English.

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    Credibility is based on grammar errors? Where were you when Bush was murdering the language?

    having said that: Touche’

  3. Kris Thompson says:

    I’ll take a tax hike, if it provided medical care for those without. You betcha. Of course, I have been told I’m a pinko commie subversive.

  4. Phil Culver says:

    I’ll take touche’ as touchy, aren’t you. And King G. bothered me, too. Remember nuculer?

  5. Charles Trentelman says:

    nuculur, and misunderestimated, and on and on and on, and the dittoheads never, ever, said a thing. He could have tripled the deficit and they’d have loved it.

    wait, he DID triple the deficit, and they DID love it.

  6. laytonian says:

    I don’t mind paying taxes, and if it takes all of us chipping in to PAY FOR TWO WARS, well….where’s the logic against that?

    Sign me up.

    After all, my family is grateful for medicare paying for our daughter’s kidney transplant (part of Medicare’s “at any age” coverage of end-stage renal failure). Of course, it would have made sense if they’d provided coverage for the anti-rejection medications after three years….but we won’t quibble details.

    It’s more than the old folks who are covered by Medicare. We just can’t figure out why other transplants are covered.

    I’ll just get into the pinko commie subversive line behind Kris Thompson, and let the Medicare-Teabaggers yell at us.

    By the way: who paid for the heart transplant, for the “son of that prominent local broadcaster” who is always in the news? (I’m having a hard time believing he had healt insurance coverage for that.) Could Medicaid have been involved?

    IF the taxpayers knew whose medical care they were already paying for, they’d be shocked.

  7. Bob Becker says:

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from friends, acquaintances and folks chatting at other tables in coffee shoppes the phrase “make it to medicare.” People hoping to, looking forward to the day they “make it to medicare.”

    Which is part of the reason I’m so ticked off at President Obama and the spineless wonder Blue Dog Democrats [yes, Matheson, you] who wimped out on any public option [like medicare for all who wanted to sign up] and gave us instead the convoluted Rube-Goldberg health care reform bill instead, which is so complex, few understand what it will do or how. The best that can be said of it is, it’s better than nothing. But it’s a long way short of what should have been done.

    I hope Matheson enjoys his retirement from Congress in January. I’m not in his district, but if I was, I’d go fishin’. Not angry enough to vote Republican. But certainly angry enough to skip the congressional vote entirely.

  8. Dovie says:

    Insurance works by having a big pool and everybody paying into it. The more people participating the cheaper it is for everybody. The fewer old and sick people in the pool, the cheaper it is and / or the more money the insurance guy makes.

    Medicare and Medicaid were established by the government for the old and sick because private companies DROP THEM or raise their rates to match their risk level. The “greatest generation” has enjoyed having a gigantic pool of younger citizens subsidize them.

    My neighbor has the Glenn Beck 912 sign in his yard. He’s all ticked off because “I worked 31 years…”. Guess what? His wife never worked at all and she is pretty sick now.

    My husband and I have worked (I did do some part time) for a combined total of over 50 years already.

    I absolutely defy any 75 year old Medicare recipient to pay for private insurance. It is not going to get cheaper. That’s fact.

  9. Steve Taylor says:

    Problem is that the only total health care programs that seem to work smoothly are offered to those who are not overweight., including Norway and Germany as examples .. We have a long way to go before a workable program for all is avaible. Those in government programs seem very h appy with their programs yet they look very thin compared to USA , Canada, United Kindom.

  10. Blue Sky says:

    Without my parents having been on Medicare, I would have probably spent half of my working life paying off their medical bills. Medicare doesn’t help just the elderly.

    People rail on about government spending and pork but in the next sentence they are furious because government funding for ATK may be cut. Think about what would happen to our local economy if Hill Air Force Base were closed? That’s Federal dollars being poured into our local economy.

    As Bennett and probably Hatch are replaced with new, inexperienced legislators who have no seniority or influence, we will see just how much Federal spending has contributed here. No one wants to see pork except when it’s on their table.

  11. Mark Sparkman says:

    Just to weigh in on the grammar question: Where did Charlie misuse \You’re\? \You’re welcome\ is certainly right. \You are welcome.\ The title of the piece uses \your\ correctly as a possessive pronoun. Was there a typo they fixed? Just wondering.

  12. Mark Sparkman says:

    …and the darned website translated my quotation marks as slashes…sigh…

  13. ctrentelman says:

    after having the screamingly obvious pointed out to me, mark, I changed it. I have that power.

    the web site computer has odd powers as well. changes quotes to slashes is only the beginning. Ever see “Terminator”?

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