And don't forget, oil supports terrorists

Interesting Newsweek article (click!)  on why it is a waste of time to boycott BP gas stations — do we even have any of those around here? — over the gulf oil leak.

Leak? Fountain is more like it. A million gallons a day is the current number. They’re guessing, but even though BP now says they’re siphoning off  15,000 barrels a day from a leak they originally guessed at 5,000 barrels a day, the stuff is still gushing out from around the lid they put on the so-called blow-out preventer.

So, pick a number.

As the article says, people are angy at BP, but boycotting them doesn’t recognize all the harm that other oil companies have done, or are doing, to the Niger delta, or South America, or wherever.

And the article doesn’t even mention my favorite reason to not boycott: It’s a complete waste of time.

Oil is fungible, the gasoline we use in Utah all comes from the same four refineries no matter what brand is on it, and all you hurt is the local franchise dealer who only makes a nickel a gallon off gasoline anyway.

And then, yeah, the price of oil from our heavy demand for the stuff is what funds terrorism. Saudi Arabia funds radical islamic militia forces in Afghanistan, which are the guys attacking and killing our soldiers.

Why, since we’re their best buddies?

Because religion outweights politics with those guys, and the Saudi version of islam is ultra-conservative and, frankly, hates American guts. We hated Saddam Hussein for offering to give $20,000 to the families of suicide bombers in Israel, but the Saudis held telethons for those same suicide bombers.   (And in another article here). They collected more than $100 million for the Palestinian cause, this article says.

Yeah, our dear allies in peace.

So what to do? Reduce your  use of oil. Americans are the single biggest user of oil in the world, so we hold the whip hand, in a way. If we could cut our use by 10 percent the world price of oil per barrel would plummit and there would be panic in world markets that would hit the Saudis right where it would do the most good: Their wallets.

Take two fewer trips a week. Make the next car a 40 mpg vehicle. Ride a bicycle. Walk. Never ever let your car idle for more than a minute.

 Do it to stick it to BP. Do it to fight for freedom.

Do it so we can quit drilling oil wells that can turn into gushers that kill the Gulf of Mexico.

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2 Responses to And don't forget, oil supports terrorists

  1. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Changed the oil in my (35mpg) car Saturday. Bought the oil that was on “manager’s special,” about half price, and it happened to be Castrol GTX, which I found out this week comes from BP.

    It would have been pointless and therefore stupid for me to pass up the Castrol deal and pay another $10-$15 for another brand. I also read another story this week that said oil companies spill hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil in the United States each year. Pick your poison. It’s all poison.

    Good post.

  2. Catherine Burt says:

    Eliminating consumption as much as possible is the only solution. We each own a share in the blame for this … eh… yes it’s definitely more than a “spill.”

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