Tea party becomes weasel party? That was quick

Boy, this is amazing.

Rand Paul runs as a Tea Party candidate, wins, and suddenly has to explain actual policy, not engage in the usual bumper sticker “give us back our country” yelling.

How does he do? He makes a complete fool of himself. He weasels. He wobbles. He spins. He shows that, when he gets to Congress, he’ll be just like the weasels and spinners he now condemns.

But, hey, decide for yourself. Here’s a link to a video of him trying to defend his stand on the 1964 Civil Rights Act in which he says, essentially, that racism by private businesses ought to be OK. Amazingly, though, no matter how many times Rachael Maddow tries to nail him down, he declines to speak specifically.

He’ll make racism legal in private businesses and then stand off to the side, tut-tutting,  saying he certainly doesn’t agree with that, he certainly doesn’t approve, but he’ll do absolutely nothing to prevent it.

And this guy wants to be in the Senate?

This, of course, is the problem all along. I understand anger, I understand disagreement, but at some time you have to stand for doing something. Whether that is cutting off Social Security, or cutting the military, or making racism illegal, or letting banks fail and eating the results of that, you have to decide. Libertarianism is one thing, but anarchy is another and I’m not sure this wahoo knows where the line is.

If Mr. Paul is representative of how the Tea Party screamers will behave should they ever gain power, it’s going to be, well, interesting, at best.

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7 Responses to Tea party becomes weasel party? That was quick

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Charlie, you can also say that to give a simple “yes” would have been a weasel answer. I don’t agree with Paul’s hard libertarian stance on the issue, but I don’t see him as a bigot. I see him as at least principled enough to maintain a stand even if it is politically embarrassing and bait for political opponents.
    This is what Paul told the Courier Journal:
    Interviewer: “But under your philosophy, it would be OK for Dr. King not to be served at the counter at Woolworths?”
    Paul: “I would not go to that Woolworths, and I would stand up in my community and say that it is abhorrent, um, but, the hard part–and this is the hard part about believing in freedom–is, if you believe in the First Amendment, for example–you have too, for example, most good defenders of the First Amendment will believe in abhorrent groups standing up and saying awful things. . . . It’s the same way with other behaviors. In a free society, we will tolerate boorish people, who have abhorrent behavior.”
    Politically out of the mainstream, yes, but far more candid than the usual grubby pol in D.C. Paul will win easily in Kentucky and probably be as lonely in Congress as his also eccentric father.

  2. CB says:

    Totally agree Charles. Weasly. You don’t answer a question about discrimination with a monologue about bringing guns into bars.

  3. spinnikerca says:

    He declined to speak specifically because the act was passed when he was two years old, he had never read it, he had heard questions asked but had never ever had reason to look at it — since he had absolutely no thought of challenging it. He knew he was being sandbagged, and he wanted time to look into it in detail and reach a conclusion based on what the act actually said. he did just that.

  4. laytonian says:

    Paul declined to speak, because he suddenly found himself UNEDUCATED about the very things he claimed to have valid opinions on.

    He hasn’t read the 1964 Civil Rights Act? REALLY?

    Yet, he wants to be elected as Senator from a state with a rich multi-cultural heritage?

    Spot-on, Charles.
    Maddow caught him quickly, and threw him back as too small to keep.

  5. Blue Sky says:

    Without government telling private businesses that they HAD to integrate, segregation would still predominate in the South. I’ve lived there and got really tired of hearing coded messages still supporting racism. Imagine President Obama and General Colin Powell, for example, today having to stay at “blacks-permitted” hotels!

    I think the quote goes something like “those who don’t know history are required to repeat it.”

  6. an old, old man says:

    Isn’t that the whole goal of Tea? To turn America’s clock back 100 years?

  7. Bob Becker says:

    Oh, it just keeps getting better and better. Tea Party darling Rand Paul [who is a doctor] has come out for massive cuts in federal spending…. except for payments to doctors from Medicare. He loves Medicare, which pays for half of his patients. From the Wall Street Journal:

    “Rand Paul: Cut Spending But Not Medicare Doctor Payments

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — [O]n on Thursday evening, the ophthalmologist from Bowling Green said there was one thing he would not cut: Medicare physician payments. In fact, Paul — who says 50% of his patients are on Medicare — wants to end cuts to physician payments under a program now in place called the sustained growth rate, or SGR. “Physicians should be allowed to make a comfortable living,” he told a gathering of neighbors in the back yard of Chris and Linda Wakild, just behind the 10th hole of a golf course.”

    So, this Tea Party candidate is apparently a fan of socialized medicine. Imagine that.

    Story here:


    He also went on TV this morning and announced that President Obama’s criticism of BP were “un American” because they criticized business. Paul is also not happy at the way people, and government, following a mine disaster, start trying to discover who was responsible. “Accidents happen,” he said. That apparently should be enough. Evidently he looks on state or federal mine safety regulations and inspections, and attempts to find who may have been responsible for mining disasters to be an unacceptable limit on the business community.

    Story here:


    I wonder what’s next? Attacks on the Pure Food and Drug Act and the federal Meat Inspection Act as unacceptable intrusions on private businesses?

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