Liberal Bennett Must Die!

Well, practically.

Just how mean are these people? As we see in this story (click!) the GOP convention on Saturday will be asked to ponder a resolution chastising Sen. Bennett for introducing a health care reform bill.

Now, keep in mind, this is a bill that went nowhere. It didn’t get out of committee. I’m not even sure he got it introduced.  It was a bi-partisan effort to head off Democratic reform (which did pass) that he floated back two years ago, and while it had it’s problems, at least it was an effort to fulfill what all politicians claim, that they want to be part of the solution.

No they don’t. Not in today’s new and improved tea-party GOP.  They want absolute purity. The rush to run Bennett out must include careful analysis of every thought he might have had that failed the Glenn Beck litmus test of conservative purity.

I honestly feel sorry for Bennett. I also feel sorry for our country if these wing-nuts stomping him into the ground ever gain power. They’ll hold all of us to the same standard — their way or the highway. Such self-rightousness is one step away from tyrany, if that much.

Religious fanatics in the Middle East follow the same tactic, and look how life there is.

PS — I see where Kathleen Parker, at the Washington Post, has written similarly to me about Sen. Bennett. (Click!)  Is that how she wins her Pulitzer, by stealing my ideas?

Seriously, though, Kathleen is another of those few brave actual real conservatives who have the stones to confront the bullies and screamers for what they are. Not that it will do Sen. Bennett any good.

But her warning is the same as mine: Once these demagogues take power, will anyone have the power to oppose them? They enforce their own brand of political correctness very ruthlessly. Remember how the Karl Roves of the world were not shy about accusing opponents of Bush of commiting treason during the run-up and first year of the Iraq war?

People who refuse to consider compromise are not the kind of people anyone wants in charge.

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3 Responses to Liberal Bennett Must Die!

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Great title Charlie! I might have done Liberal Bennett must die(t)! Seriously, he’s caught in a undertow he’s not really responsible for. It’s definitely “friendly fire” by shooters who failed to pass their concealed weapons political permit class.

  2. Midwinter says:

    I can’t wait until there are only 6 Republicans left and all the rest are socialist traitors.

  3. Bob Becker says:

    Ah, back in the Leninist and Stalinist years, communists were forever accusing each other of “right deviationism” for straying even an imagined iota from The Party Line. Hoot and a half to see Republians now accusing each other of Left Deviationism for straying even an imagined iota from The Party Line du jour. Hoot and a half….

    As for Bennett, one of the most consistent long-term conservatives in the Senate [who has done the republic much damage as a result over the years], but who is not actually insane [see both of Oklahoma's senators for examples of insane ones], my sympathy for him is diminished by the fact that he and other party leaders over the past decades have shamelessly played to the wing-nut and Christian-extremist and racist vote [in the former Solid South] to win elections. They invited the tiger into the tent, and it has now turned on them. Not good for them. Not good for the Republic. But then, there is wisdom in the old adage: “Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.” To no small degree, the Republican Establishment, of which Bennett has been a part, asked for the trouble it now has.

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