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A few of you may remember Pat Bean, who was this newspaper’s environmental reporter and then city editor and then editorial page assistant editor, who retired from this veil of tears lo these five years.

She announced that she was going to get rid of all her junk and hit the road. Unlike most people who plan to do that, she actually did, and has been all over the country several times in her small RV. She is fortunate in that she has several children who fight for the privelege of having her park in their driveways on her off-times, too. May we all deserve such children.

Pat is currently making her way from Texas, or somewhere down that way, to Utah and Montana. As she does she’s writing a daily blog of her travels. Pat’s had aspirations to publish a travel book — she’s already written one — but I think her jottings on this trip may be a winner. She reminds me of Mike Ferrell (MASH)’s new book “Of Mule and Man,” his own collection of blogs about his own recent cross-country trip on a book tour.

Pat is traveling with her Cocker Spaniel Maggie. Mike traveled with his hybrid Toyota, “Mule,” but the comparisons are similar in other respects, and Pat is giving us a lovely daily journal of a trip across a really lovely land.

Our land. Nice to see someone speak well of it. Check out her blog here (click).

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  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Pat is a remarkable woman. It was a privilege to work with her for several years. She does walk the talk.

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