Free Hot Air from Rep. Bishop on Earth Day!

Since it is cold today, I thought I’d help you guys warm up the house for free, carbon neutral, by passing on some hot air from Rep. Rob Bishop.

In a press release I received today he said: 

“In the past year, the federal government has taken control over our banks, cars and health care,” said Utah Republican Rob Bishop, chairman of the Western Caucus. “Now, they are seeking to gain control over every drop of water, from backyard puddles to the arid playas of the West.”

Rob is railing against a new proposal for federal oversight on waterways. I haven’t read it, and maybe Rob is correct that the federal government will want us to get a permit for every puddle, creek, stream and farm pond in the nation, but somehow I doubt it.

Why? Because his other allegations are hot air. Theu utilize the standard debating tactic used by everyone these days of taking something, spinning it out of control, taking the resulting mish-mash and projecting it into its worst case scenario. A stubbed to quickly becomes a major medical emergency, in this school of thinking.

So, federal bailout of GM and Chrysler that, yes, did result in stock ownership, suddenly becomes a federal takeover! Never mind the government isn’t controlling anything in those companies, and can’t. It’s not that kind of stock.

Federal bailout of banks? Ditto. And the banks are paying the money back, with interest. The federal government made billions on those deals. Is Rob opposed to that, too?

Health Care? For the umpteenth time: Health Care Reform is NOT FEDERAL HEALTH CARE. It is a widening of access to health care, all of which is run by private health care companies, paid for by private insurance companies. Sadly, the federal option was not included. Frankly I wish it had been. But it wasn’t, so Rob is full of hot air here, too.

And if he’s blowing these up with hot air, why should we believe him about water?

His criticism of auto bailouts is really funny, seeing as how the arguements for saving the car industry — jobs and critical infrastructure — are precisely the same arguements he is using to keep ATK Space Systems in business building government rocket motors.

Maybe that’s because GM and Chrysler don’t employe any people in Rob’s district?

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5 Responses to Free Hot Air from Rep. Bishop on Earth Day!

  1. Mark Shenefelt says:

    GM reported this week it’s paying back its bailout money early and is on track to extract itself from government ownership, as the Obama administration and GM have planned all along:

    Maybe Bishop should issue a press release attacking GM for undermining the Party of No’s “we’re all gonna die” mantras.

    Oh, yes, on the bank bailouts, which everyone loathed, these guys always neglect to mention that the federal government has actually MADE MONEY on the bank repayments to the Treasury:

  2. an old, old man says:

    He’s just trying to use the tried and true GOP tactic of scaring voters in hopes they’ll vote for him. It worked for Cheney and Bushie, so why not Robbie Boy?

  3. Carl Kove says:

    Railing against the federal water act is strange. The state of Utah claims ownershio of all rainwater that falls. Collecting runoff from your rain gutters is a illegal act in Utah.

  4. flatlander100 says:

    Carl Rove:

    Want to shift farmers in the arid west hard left fast? Have the Republican party declare as a major goal ending federal subsidies for water projects in the west and all farm subsidies The stampede will be the same as the stampede left that occurred when Newt Gingrich and his Happy Bande decided to “get the federal government off the backs of farmers” by ending federal farm subsidies via the “Freedom to Farm” act. The roar of protest among welfare farmers nationwide was such that the act was amended, by Republicans, just before it was to begin phasing out federal farm subsidies…. which make up even today one of the largest annual federal entitlements.

    And I noticed when Utah went through its latest serious drought, the one that ended three years ago, Utah farmers and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation [both visibly present at recent tea party "get the federal government out of our lives" rallies] were not refusing federal drought disaster relief. They and their Republican congressional and Senate representatives were first in line to demand federal drought aid.

    Even for Republicans, the hypocrisy of the Hon. [?] Rep. Bishop [R-ATK] is running a little deep these days.

    When Bishop campaigns promising to end Medicare and Medicaid, and to end Social Security and federal farm and water subsidies, then I wall take him seriously as an honorable “tea party fiscal conservative.” Until then, he’s just another bloviating Republican populist hypocrite.

  5. Zarnicki says:

    Have you noticed that the Republican party does NOTHING but WHINE? They propose no legislation because they are too busy complaining. The Tea Party folks are the bigeest whiners. They offer no solutions only cry baby whinning.

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