Matheson a Dem? Yeah, and Killpack is for law and order

Geeze, where do we get these people?

Rep. Jim Matheson is quoted in today’s paper reminding people that he is a Democrat. That looks a bit odd but, gee Jim, why would you feel a need to do that? Is it because you are playing both sides of the aisle — trying to keep the so-called conservatives in your district happy while, at the same time, trying to keep the so-called liberals equally happy?

Can’t be easy — this is precisely what the GOP overlords who gerrymandered the state a decade ago wanted, too, and it is sad to see they succeeded. They got a democrat (?) elected who’s so afraid of irritating Republicans that he votes the GOP way on some of the most critical legislation of the age.

The sad thing is not that  Jim is in this position, but that he was unable to find a way to vote for Health Care legislation and — mark of a true leader here — find a way to convince his constituents that he was really voting in their best interest. He could have pointed out that their children would be able to be covered on their parents’ health insurance until they were 26, for one. He could have shown how doing away with pre-existing conditions would benefit everyone.

He could have shown how the mandate benefits small businesses, since health coverage for their employees has obvious benefits.

Sadly, he chose to vote “no” gaining a bit of short-term cred with the conservatives, I suppose, although there seems to be scant evidence of any gratitude on their part. Meanwhile, he irritated all the others who have supported him in the past precisely so they’d have someone in a place to make a difference when it counted.

But he didn’t. He got an exemption from Pelosi because enough other democrats did step up, but the exemption has left him in this weird place of having to remind people that he is, really, honest, no kidding, a Democrat.


Speaking of pathetic, we see where former State Sen. Sheldon Killpack is trying to weasel out of his DUI arrest in January.

He’s not claiming he wasn’t drunk — the blood test of .11 pretty much shoots that down. He’s claiming that the trooper who pulled him over didn’t have enough evidence to do so, or somehow mishandled the stop. He has not been specific, but his attorney says that’s the gist of the motion to be filed. 

In other words, a member of the “tough on crime” Utah Legislature, which abhores weasely liberal nuance and people getting off on technicalities — as evidenced in recent legislation to make having a miscarriage illegal because one troubled woman had her boyfriend beat her up — is trying to get out of a pretty obvious DUI bust on some technicality that his lawyers haven’t yet spelled out.

But Killpack, according to the arresting officer, refused to take a breathalyzer test, which violates the contract you make when you get a driver’s license and is grounds for immediate suspension of your license. Killpack, as one of the guys who made laws in this state, had to know that.

And who doesn’t know the rule: When a cop pulls you over, you do what he says, or the hole you are in just gets deeper.

But now he’s trying to weasel out, saying the trooper goofed, or something. It’s funny how these guys get a lot less shrill about “law and order” and “technicalities” of the law when it is them on the dock.

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2 Responses to Matheson a Dem? Yeah, and Killpack is for law and order

  1. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Meanwhile, UHP won’t release the Killpack arrest trooper dashcam video. Are we in a police state? Apparently so. The video should be released.

  2. Willbike says:

    Killpack is a good example of one of the many things that is wrong with our legal system. People with money can defend themselves. People without money are guilty and punished whether they did anything to deserve it or not.

    In Ogden the police are above the law. If you or I get a dui we go to jail. This doesn’t apply to the police, they get to go home. Their are separate holding cells in the Weber County Jail. Their is no excuse to not treat them like everyone else and put them in one of them. But hey, the police chief blatantly violated Federal regulations so who cares. The police chief of South Ogden hit a kid in a crosswalk last summer and just got chief of the year or whatever. I’ll stop now…

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