Monday funnies: McCain not a Maverick?

Tomorrow’s column is about how Utah Sen. Bob Bennett is falling all over himself trying to appear “conservative enough” to make the Tea Party happy, a doomed pursuit, I say, because there is simply no pleasing extremists who think that cutting government is desirable as long as that cutting doesn’t include anything that affects them.

Such as, yes, Medicare. At last week’s Weber 9/12 meeting I talked to a guy who, I swear, thought the premiums he paid into Medicare when he was working were what paid for his medical bills now.

Either that or he had paid for Medicare much like you and I buy a toaster and where it got the money to pay his medical bills, no matter what they amounted to, was not a matter of anyone’s concern.

“No, my taxes pay your bills,” I said. “Well, that’s your opinion,” he said, displaying an amazing lack of basic knowledge about how insurance pools work.

But, hey, he’s a Tea Bagger and, by gum, he’s angry and he’s going to fix that damn Sen. Bennett who supports federal spending in Utah.

Which is why I read with some amusement mixed with sorrow a couple stories about Sen. John McCain, former presidential candidate, who ran on a platform of being a Maverick, not following any party’s rules, now fighting for his life by denying that he ever was a maverick, hoping the perennially short American memory will forget all those drinking games during the presidential debates last fall where you had to take a shot every time someone said the word “Maverick.”

Maybe he’s hoping everyone was too plastered to remember just how they got plastered ?

Interestingly,  he’s got Saint Sarah speaking for him and, according to these stories, she’s saying he was too a maverick. The stories paint this as her not getting the message, but I think she got the message plenty, but she’s working her own account here, reminding the crowds of what a doddering old fool McCain is to try to hide his former moniker, not to mention reminding her own acolytes in the Tea Party how non-conforming John was.

As I make clear in Tuesday’s column, the Tea Party doesn’t want independent thought, they want lock-step devotion to their interpretation of the Constitution and nothing else.

So one has to wonder if Saint Sarah is using her platform allegedly helping John to actually shoot him down. As I say Tuesday, the Tea Party in Utah is trying to do the same thing with Sen. Bennett. 

They even brought in Rob Bishop, whose support for Sen. Bennett was so nuanced it almost disappeared. 

I’m not a huge fan of Sen. Bennett, and I grew to really despise McCain during the campaign when he turned into a really mean person who would say or do anything to win.

But it bothers me to see them shooed out of  office for the wrong reasons, the trumped up hysterical reasons of a fringe group. That kind of thinking has no place in politics if we want out country to be well run. It is a classic example of the Republican Party using the Tea Party as dogs of war, sending them out to do the dirty work, and then not being able to control them.

Sadly, even though absolutely everyone agrees we are too polarized, the solution of the Tea Baggers seems to be that we just aren’t polarized enough. It is hard to see how this is useful to anyone.

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5 Responses to Monday funnies: McCain not a Maverick?

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    “Tea Baggers,” Now that’s not polarizing at all.

  2. Carl Kove says:

    The”Tea Baggers” choose to name themselves that Doug Gibson. If the name is polarizing it is a self inflicted wound.

  3. dan s. says:

    As you know, the Standard-Examiner front page highlights this site’s ten most recent blog posts. As of this morning, these blog posts deal almost exclusively with national and state-wide issues. The only local political issue mentioned (in passing) is a pair of potholes in South Ogden. There’s also a very brief blog post about a local sports figure.

    So I’m getting the impression that you bloggers at the local paper would rather be working for the Trib or the Times (in Doug Gibson’s case, that’s the Washington Times). That’s fine, but who’s gonna cover the local news? You can’t leave it all to half-assed amateurs like me and RudiZink!

  4. Michael Trujillo says:

    The teabaggers are going to have to live with the name, Doug. They chose if for themselves. They’re like a man named Richard who chose to be called Dick. Some people will snicker about calling him Dick but, eventually, he will either rise above the other connotation of the name/word or he’ll act in a way that suits the word.

    Hell, if anything, judging by the way the teabag… I mean, tea partiers believe the Guvmint is acting, it’s an apt description of how they feel they’re being treated. They should embrace the name Teabaggers.

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