Obama pets puppy, GOP screams "dog abuse!"

OK, the headline is a bit of an exageration, but only just.

I’ve long said that the GOP, including our representatives in Congress, will never, ever, cut President Obama a break. The standing order is, no matter what he says or does, find a way to criticize it. Saves a puppy from a burning home? Say he held up the fire fighters and endangered neighboring homes. Pass GOP-inspired health care for 40-million or so Americans? Scream socialism.

And so on. You know the drill.

So today Obama announces he is lifting the moratorium on oil exploration off parts of the Atlantic Coast, a decision I’m a bit iffy on because there is no way we can find enough oil in this country, or off shore this country, to meet our needs or even reduce our dependance on foreign oil.

Plus it is what John McCain and whatshername, the Alaskan Bombshell, were screaming for during the last election, and I took everything they said during the election with massive grains of salt.

Still, Obama said it. See story here (click)

And what is the reaction from Utah’s congressional delegation which has been part of the chorus demanding this step. Oh, negative, of course.

From a press release from Rep. Rob Bishop:

“While the Obama Administration would have you believe it’s taking a balanced approach by opening limited access to U.S. waters for offshore energy development, the reality is that today’s announcement only opens a fraction of our abundant resources located throughout the deepwater OCS.  Let there be no confusion:  Today’s announcement will not create the jobs we desperately need.  Today’s announcement will not spur the economic development our citizens deserve.  And today’s announcement will not put us on the path to energy security.  Slow-walking job creation during a time of economic crisis is not smart and taking tepid steps towards economic development and energy security is not balanced.”

They screamed “drill, baby, drill” so Obama is saying, OK, drill, and now they scream that it’s not deep enough. It would be funny if it weren’t so predictable.

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2 Responses to Obama pets puppy, GOP screams "dog abuse!"

  1. Mark Shenefelt says:

    No happiness possible until the Earth resembles the futuristic set from Terminator II.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    I’d like to handle it like a sports draft. Accept Virginia, express thanks, and then trade for Alaska!

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