We know politics was all marketing. Still sad to see

Just found a link to a powerpoint presention by the GOP on its marketing strategy for the coming election campaigns.

It’s all about making people afraid, and cozying up to donors to get them to give money, and we knew that, but the blatant marketing presentation, considered as a “What’s the best way to win?” not “What’s best for the country?” is just kind of dispiriting to see.

No, I don’t think the democrats are a lot better, if at all. Allpoliticians, these days, make public pronouncements that are calculated to make us approve of them, never mind how they really feel, or believe, or ultimately govern. This is not cynicism, it is reality. 

It really IS all about winning, not doing what’s best for the country.

Still, sad to see it spelled out quite so blatantly as in this presentation. We’re all just fish to be fried.

Link here: (CLICK!)

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6 Responses to We know politics was all marketing. Still sad to see

  1. Neal Humphrey says:

    Looks like a modern, hi-tech reprise of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Those debates were not slick, went on for hours, and delivered the occasional dose of vitriol and fear-mongering.

    And in the category of nothing new under the sun, the turn of the 2nd century B.C. Roman leader (he held multiple offices over his career), Cato the Elder, is my nominee for one of history’s most effective hate-mongers (“Carthago delenda est!”).

    Undignified and unsavory as it is, our 21st century political catfighting between Republicans and Democrats ain’t got nuttin’ on the Punic Wars.

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    people who use latin should be required, by law, to provide a translation.

    Carthago delenda est: Carthage must be destroyed. Cato, nice guy of the month.

    Actually, seeing as how Ann Coulter actually did say “We should invade their country, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”– I’m not sure we’re so far from the Romans.

    OK, she left out sewing their land with salt. Must have secret liberal tendencies, but I’m reasonably confident neither Lincoln nor Douglas said anything like that. Think liberal women will have to cut their hair for bowstrings, like the women of Carthage had to?

  3. Neal Humphrey says:

    “Carthago delenda est” is one of the most famous quotes in the history of political marketing, not some obscure Latin phrase. I learned it in a Middle School history class.

    Speaking of history – Oates commented, “Mr. Lincoln also complained bitterly about the way that Douglas twisted, manipulated and misrepresented the truth about statements made by himself and others.” Morse, “In them we might have looked for vigor that would be a little uncouth, wit that would be often coarse, a logic generally sound but always clumsy, — in a word, tolerably good substance and very poor form.” Grierson described Lincoln as an unlettered and primitive Republican.

  4. flatlander100 says:


    You wrote: ““Carthago delenda est” is one of the most famous quotes in the history of political marketing, not some obscure Latin phrase. I learned it in a Middle School history class.” I conclude from this you were in middle school a looooooong time ago. The list of phrases I would have thought my students at WSU would be familiar with but aren’t grows each term. [E.g. "Beware the Ides of March." and "We hold these truths to be self evident, that.... [and what follows], and “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”] No, I’m not making this up. I wish I was.

    A colleague, retired now and living in Oklahoma [for his sins, no doubt] told me just the other day that his grandchild, in a public high school there, has been assigned to read “Romeo and Juliet.” But only the first three acts. The class is not reading or discussing the final two acts. When a parent asked why, she was told “because the last two acts encourage teens to commit suicide.”

    Weep for the republic….

  5. ctrentelman says:

    flatland,er please tell me you are joking about romeo and juliette…

    then again, maybe you aren’t. a friend who adjuncts up at wsu said his class, english, knows nothing about pat tillman or that jessica chick, the blond rambo, whatsername. I asked him to ask them who’s actually read a book in the last year, not that many.

    never mind the republic. weep for civilization as we know it, or knew it, or something.

    Galia omni divisa in partes tres….and so forth — am i the only one who thinks the new captcha words, in black and white, are worse than the last?

  6. tom says:

    You pointy headed brainiacs are just trying to push your secret conspiracies to destroy Americer with all this damn talk about latins. Hell man, all youze be doing is encouraging more of them to come up here illegally.

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