Testosterone tax needed?

The story in today’s paper about a guy driving a truck who got into some sort of road rage deal — or so the police say — makes one wonder what sort of conversation the guy had with his wife.

Now, I must stress, the road rage part is only alleged by the police. We do not know. If that is what happened, however, it must be embarrassing to have to go home and tell the wife “Oh, by the way honey, I wrecked the truck and endangered our kids’ lives today, but I did show that other guy on the interstate who had the baddest attitude.”

And, we all know his wife will say “Oh, OK dear, as long as you showed him. We can always make new kids.”

Seriously, is this a good argument for insurance policies including a “testosterone-induced stupidity” clause or what? Why should the rest of us have to pay medical bills, and repair bills, for people who do this sort of thing?

I am guessing that everyone who believes in accountability will jump on this.

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7 Responses to Testosterone tax needed?

  1. flatlander100 says:

    If it happened as the article and police suspect… if I said…. then the driver’s license should be permanently revoked and stamped “TDTD” — meaning Too Dumb To Drive.

  2. Women get road rage too. Except since I’m a pacifist, I get Driver’s Tourette Syndrome instead LOL

  3. just me says:

    There was a day once when I was on my way to give a talk in another church ward. On the way, I started to pull out from a stop sign and discovered that a car had been hidden in my blind spot. I stopped, but the nice lady driving the other car honked a big honk and flipped me off but good.

    I then followed that car directly to the parking lot of the church where I was to speak. Turned out she was one of the Relief Society presidency. For some reason, she avoided eye-contact all the time I was there.

    But doesn’t testosterone play some role in menopause?

  4. Charles Trentelman says:

    hmmm. Two – to – one, i may have a serious sex discrimination situation on my hands here.

  5. Zarnicki says:

    I suggest we place a Testosterone Tax on the Utah legislature. Seems these “guys’ mostly, get their necks all red over rumors then want to pass a law whether it be guns, supposed land grabs, health care, etc. They get the hair on their backs all up, when nary a federal law nor proclamation is put into effect. They merely react to “rumors”. For every law they pass that is deemed unconstitutional and wastes tax payers money to defend, they should personally foot the bill. Maybe this will get them to focus on the matters at hand, like taking care of the state’s real problems.

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