The Onion is not real, neither is the Legislature

Someone needs to tell The Legislature that The Onion is not for real.

But no, they gotta take it as fact, a model to be followed.

A little bit ago The Onion, nominally a satire newspaper, ran an article saying that abortion foes wanted a new law that required a mother seeking an abortion to first paint the baby’s room and name the kid. Ha ha.

The Utah House, Friday, approved a bill to allow women seeking abortions to first see an ultrasound as soon as 3 weeks into the pregnancy and, even though doctors said its medically impossible, look at the fetus heartbeat. Told that three weeks is too soon to see a heartbeat, Rep. Carl Wimmer said “there are arguements on both sides of the issue.”

Huh? Oh, right, this is the Legislature that regularly tells climate scientists that they’re wrong based on belief. Now gestational development is a matter of faith?

SLTribulation story on the thing here. Here’s an internet site on fetal development that says the heart doesn’t show up on ultrasound until about eight weeks. It has lovely ultrasound pictures, too.

Facts: silly things.

Here’s my question: Who’s going to pay for these ultrasounds? Is the Legislature going to pony up?

Seeing as how they’re so adamant against abortion, I would think they’d be happy to, maybe even slap an addition tax on to pay for them which, of course, Utah’s vastly anti-abortion multitudes will happily approve and pay.

And while they’re at it, hand out coupons at abortion clinics for house paint.

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2 Responses to The Onion is not real, neither is the Legislature

  1. Jim Hutchins says:

    I just posted a picture of myself at 20 days gestation to my Facebook page. (I didn’t have a 21 day picture handy.) I’m 3 mm long, my neural tube just formed from my neural plate, and a few random cells in the embryo have started to join together to form blood vessels. Since the blood vessels haven’t formed, I don’t have a heart. Sorry, Rep. Wimmer.

  2. Ben Trentelman says:

    I’m sure that they will be able to depend on a charitable donation or two to fund all of this.

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