President, Republicans talk — what a concept!

Wow, this is great stuff.

President Obama met with the Republican Caucus of Congress today — he took questions and gave answers and, time and time again, slapped them in the face with their solid wall of opposition.

Which will probably continue. There seems to be some sort of higher rule around that no Republican in Congress shall ever give an inch to Obama if it is something that might make Obama look good in 2012, even if it is a proposal he stole from the Republicans.

Still, nice to see. And I think Obama gave as good as he got. I would LOVE to see this as a monthly affair. If it were, and were just this public, my impression of both Obama AND Congress would go up.

See for yourself, full transcripts and video at this site on the Washington Post.

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4 Responses to President, Republicans talk — what a concept!

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    I loved it. This needs to be a regular event! The Brits have nothing on us!

  2. sandyshoes says:

    I’m watching it right now on MSNBC…Last night I watched a group that includes an Independent on CNN that is starting to take apart the Obama stimulus package that has had pieces and parts criticized. They are doing their own research to find out what is true and what is crap. It’s about time.
    Right off the bat, a senator from PA mentions we could always give a tax cut, people like that…there has been a tax cut along with a couple of other cuts. I just did my taxes. But the senator only wanted the Republican tax cut…not one that both parties decided.

  3. laytonian says:

    It was great!

    I wonder why FoxNews cut it off, halfway through?

    For those who missed it: CNN and MSNBC have been replaying it **without comment** all weekend.

  4. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Agree. It doesn’t matter who’s the president and who’s in Congress. They need to do this all the time. The downside would be, I’m afraid, they’d plan the political equations and it would be less genuine and more hot air as time went on.

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