Our guy tweets SOTU from the floor

One Utah house member, Jason Chaffetz, was tweeting during the State of the Union Speech, or at least during the run-up. At one point he says he will put the blackberry away because it would be “kinda rude” to use it while Obama speaks.

Ya think?

So he’s polite, a good boy. And he was able to say “hi” to John Kerry, and he worried his wife couldn’t see Obama because a TV camera was in the way. He gave us a weather report (“It’s freezing on the floor”). He even gave a shout-out to the SL Tribulation reporter in the press box.

He shook hand with Obama. Does that mean he has Liberal cooties? One wonders.

Not sure what the crack about Joe Wilson and duct tape is all about. Wilson is the South Carolina republican who called Obama a liar the last time he gave a major speech before Congress. Maybe to tape the jerk’s mouth shut? Hard to argue with that. Is Chaffetz sure he’s a conservative?

Anyway, here’s his whole twitter-feed, from his Twitter site. Most recent are on top, so read from the bottom up because I’m too lazy to reverse them:

Shook hands and thanked the President.

  1. Walked over to say hi to John Kerry. He’s been very nice to me.about 2 hours ago from txt
  2. Chatted with Sen John Thune. He’s impressive.about 2 hours ago from txt
  3. Good to have my wife here. She won’t be able to see the Pres. Camera in the way.about 2 hours ago from txt
  4. Nice front row press seat for Tommy Burr of the SL Trib.about 2 hours ago from txt
  5. Obama wants to get rid of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Not time to do this in the middle of two wars.about 2 hours ago from txt
  6. Joe Wilson sitting in the same seat. I brought some duct tape. :) about 2 hours ago from txt
  7. Teleprompter is set. Dogs swept the room. I opted for seat behind Boehner and Cantor. Did I mention how cold it is?about 4 hours ago from txt
  8. It is freezing on the Floor.about 4 hours ago from txt
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One Response to Our guy tweets SOTU from the floor

  1. laytonian says:

    “Obama wants to get rid of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Not time to do this in the middle of two wars.”

    WHAT? This is when we should be doing that — when we need good military men and women, rather than kicking out almost a thousand a year.

    CotMan©, I think I just figured out why you brought the duct tape.

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