Is the Onion really satire or actual news?

I saw this on The Onion today and have to wonder if it is really satire.

It’s a story about the Obama “Afterbirthers,” demanding to see Obama’s placenta and, if possible, pictures of him crowning. It goes on, and it’s silly, but then again, is it?

Some wingnut just mailed us the latest on efforts to force court action on Obama’s birth certificate. I won’t link to it, you know the controversy.  My point is, those idiots are darn close to asking to what the Onion now reports. I’ve seen reports of people demanding that others in the hospital at the time he was born be interviewed. Were those satire? Hard to say.

The court updates were mailed by a person who also says we’re hiding the truth about 9-11, the whole “the government really blew up the buildings” crowd, and then took the people in other airplanes and killed them all later, to make the story sound legit.

I dunno. Maybe the Onion is real news, the rest of us are changing things around and we’re all bought off. The only reason the Onion gets away with it is because it pretends that the real news is satire.

Which, crazy as things are these days, may actually be the case. I dunno.

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