Never mind that, read this!!

OK, step away from the computer.

No, seriously. It is Christmas eve, Santa is loading his sleigh, children are dreaming of sugarplums, and you’re sitting here reading about health care reform, missing wives in Salt Lake City, the Iranian mess and naked guys riding motorcycles in New Zealand.

OK. the naked guys were worth it. The cop who stopped them told them to go home and put on helmets. Smart cop. Really, what’s the harm?

But the rest, really. I just got done scanning the wires and I seriously feel like I was wasting my time. Then again, it’s 3 p.m., I’m still allegedly being paid to work, so I have an excuse. What’s yours?

Christmas Eve ought to be, if no other evening is, a time to take a peace break. Any number of major religions believe it is the eve of the day the Prince of Peace was born. We haven’t had a moment’s peace since, mostly because of people using swords attempting to spread the word of the Prince of Peace, but the concept is a good one, even as the execution is somewhat lacking.

Really, why not give it a shot?

Turn off the computer. Shut it all the way down. Unplug it, if you have to.

Push your chair back. Close your eyes. Listen to whatever noises are going on in the house. Children? Spouse? A radio playing music? The traffic outside?

Whatever it is, soak it in. It is a moment. It is now. Let it wander around in your brain, a slice of life that will never be here again.

Get up, put on your shoes, a good warm coat, step outside. If it’s still light, admire even the haze in the air. If it’s dark, admire the dark.  There’s a crystal sheen over the trees from the fog and snow. Maybe your neighbors lights are on. If their displays are particularly gaudy, chuckle a bit.

If you have a dog, this would be a good time for a walk. If you don’t have a dog, this would be  a good time for a walk. Why not? There’s nothing more you can accomplish inside. Either your presents are bought and wrapped, or they’re not. You’re ready for Christmas or you’re not. Either way, it’s too late to do anything more. The clock moves, the day advances, you can do nothing, might as well make it count.

Let it go. Forget the worries. Dismiss the stress.

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s supposed to be a celebration of peace, which makes it as good a time as any to have some peace in your life.

Yeah, I know, what a concept!

But, wait: You’re still reading this. What did I tell you? Turn off the computer.

Don’t just check your e-mail once more. Don’t update the Washington Post’s web site. Ignore the rantings on whatever left or right-wing “news” web site you inhabit.

Nothing on any of those things can change anything tonight. Nothing you learn about anything on any of those sites can change anything tonight.

Go. Now.

And have a Merry Christmas.

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3 Responses to Never mind that, read this!!

  1. god rest ye merry trentleman :)

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Charlie, nice post. My daughter and son-in-law came over on Christmas Eve and I got to play with my grandson. Talk about peace!

    Well, I’ve got to comment on at least one thing:

    Those New Zealander bikers fail the IQ test, even though you and that cop gave them a break. I ask, why did they not consider the potential road rash consequences? The fools.

    Now it’s Christmas Day and I need to go read up on the crazy woman who knocked down the pope last night.

  3. flatlander100 says:

    Well of course the computer was off on Christmas eve. There was a bowl game on tv. Duh!

    The real computer off time is Christmas day, when I start in reading the books Santa left me. [Mrs. Flatlander and I arranged an entente cordial long ago: I buy her a book I want to read; she buys me a book she wants to read. Works out real nice.]

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