What next, hold Apple Pie for ransom?

May I take a second to express my intense disgust at the US Senate’s GOP caucus for using the military funding bill, the bill that supports our troops in the field, in combat, to play political games over health care? Story here (click).

Really, this is too much. The party that started this stupid war, the party that waves the flag at every opportunity, the party that castigated Candidate Obama for not wearing little meaningless flags on his lapels and said that proved he doesn’t support the troops, is using the military funding bill as a pawn in their intense and increasingly desperate efforts to stall health care reform.

Of course, the millions they get in donations from health care providers has nothing to to with this. And of course their military industrial complex doners know the bill will be passed eventually, so THEY don’t mind. They understand it just a delaying tactic, a chummy “we’re all pigs at the trough” move to help another massive industry continue to stick it to the public.

To use the military as a pawn is simply disgusting. The US Senate’s GOP caucus should be ashamed, but they’re politicians so I doubt that will happen.

What next, threaten to drown puppies if they don’t get their way? Hold mom and apple pie for ransom?

Speaking of never ending evil: My blog yesterday was a couple of fun local stories from the Dec. 17, 1879, edition of the Ogden Junction, one of the Standard-Examiner’s ancestors.

In addition to scrolling around for local quirks, I checked out what the big news of the day was. If you go to this link (LINK!!!) and click on “Page 1 articles” and then “foreign notes” in the little menu on the left side, you will see a fascinating story datelined Dec. 12 in a place called “Candahar.”

Yes, that is Kandahar, Afghanistan. “It is believed that Ayoub Kahn, who is reported to be marching from Herat on Candahar, has little real poewr and that he is swayed by his unpaid and mutinous soldier, who are excited by the reprots brought by fugitives into Cabul.”

It goes on to discuss the military movements of British generals Massy and McPherson, which miscarried. “The cavalry arrived  at the point of junction too early. It encountered large masses of the enemy and the gus for the time fell into the enemy’s hands, but they were afterwards recovered.”

It goes on. It was complicated. It all was part of the Battle of Kandahar (Wikkipedia article here) which led to a victory by the British which lead, of course, to the century and more of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan that we still enjoy to this day.

Which is why, of course, Republicans in Congress can play games with military funding bills. If there were a real war on, and things really were serious, they would never, ever, do such a thing.


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2 Responses to What next, hold Apple Pie for ransom?

  1. Al says:

    If democrats had so much as whispered about a strategic filibuster of a defense bill in order to delay a GOP legislative agenda, it would have been a three-day media circus of GOP thundering about the “nuclear option” (with Cokie Roberts and Matthews nodding sagely that maybe now was the time, after all), Newt Gingrich and Bill Kristol on with every talking head making accusations of treason and unseriousness, and massive, massive public shaming. The Republicans actually did it, and for the most part the reaction is … crickets chirping.

  2. flatlander100 says:


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