Sarah Palin in extremis

So I was Sarah Palin driving home yesterday and Sarah Palin heard the news that Sarah Palin was in Salt Lake City Sarah Palin selling books about Sarah Palin that Sarah Palin didn’t write but nobody Sarah Palin cares because she’s, well, Sarah Palin.

We’re seeing a Sarah Palin lot of Sarah Palin lately, which is Sarah Palin interesting because Sarah Palin actually hasn’t done a Sarah Palin lot of late, except quit her job, and why a Sarah Palin unemployed Sarah Palin should be of Sarah Palin interest to anyone is beyond me.

The other day Sarah Palin had a Sarah Palin op-ed in the Washington Post about Sarah Palin climate change, which I guess Sarah Palin is a Sarah Palin expert  on because she can see weather from Sarah Palin’s house,  just in front of Russia (to mis-quote Saturday Night Live, not Sarah Palin). Sarah Palin’s other credentials on Sarah Palin climate are that she has Sarah Palin opinions about them, and that’s Sarah Palin enough, apparently.

But why should the WaPost be any different? Sarah Palin hasn’t had a firm idea on anything except Sarah Palin since Sarah Palin turned down that Sarah Palin bridge to Sarah Palin nowhere but Sarah Palin kept the money for the Sarah Palin bridge, and yet the Sarah Palin fan club said Sarah Palin had done a Sarah Palin noble thing by helping cut waste, said Sarah Palin waste being the name of the bridge, apparently, not Sarah Palin the actual money, which Sarah Palin still got to waste on something else.

Sarah Palin agreed, and went on to discuss Sarah Palin lipstick and Sarah Palin hocky moms and Sarah Palin clothes, but mostly Sarah Palin, although that whole Vice President Sarah Palin thing didn’t quite work out, Sarah Palin, sorry about that.

Now she’s selling books, and the Sarah Palin marketing strategy seems to Sarah Palin be to have Sarah Palin’s name in the news every Sarah Palin day, so Sarah Palin liberals can Sarah Palin be outraged, and Sarah Palin conservatives can Sarah Palin be defensive or Sarah Palin supportive, and it Sarah Palin all Sarah Palin works out because Sarah Palin sells more books which, keep in Sarah Palin mind, Sarah Palin didn’t write.

Any day now Sarah Palin will weigh in on Sarah Palin economics, and Sarah Palin crop subsidies, and Sarah Palin postal regulations, and Sarah Palin carpentry tips, and Sarah Palin best ways to feed your hamster, and Sarah Palin best home recipes for Sarah Palin moose, or something, anything, and then Sarah Palin will get attacked for having Sarah Palin lousy moose recipes or bad Sarah Palin carpentry tips,  by the left wing anti-Sarah Palin  Carpentry and Moose Conservation Corps, and the WaPost will Sarah Palin let her run another Sarah Palin op-ed defending her carpentry moose recipes (“hit moose with hammer”) and her publisher will gloat over the 24th printing that Sarah Palin’s book (which Sarah Palin did not write) has to go into, all with Sarah Palin free advertising provided by a national news media that Sarah Palin will then attack for not being respectful of Sarah Palin who is, let us Sarah Palin not forget, an unemployed mother just Sarah Palin struggling to make a living.

Too bad Sarah Palin hasn’t had any loud opinions on flouride or vaccinations causing autism. If she did, my google hits on this would go through the roof. I wonder if Sarah Palin takes requests?

ps: A commenter below suggests that this would get more google hits if I used the word “nude” in it. Since this is serious journalism, not some cynical attempt at attracting google hits, the word will not be used, and nobody is to infer that I would, like Newsweek Magazine, imply any improper dress, or lack thereof, by a former vice presidential candidate of this nation. So, no nude Sarah Palin, sorry.


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17 Responses to Sarah Palin in extremis

  1. Your google hits on this WILL go through the roof Charles… LOL

  2. Who’s Sarah Palin? LOL!!!!

  3. There is no Sarah Palin, there is only the force.

  4. Charles Trentelman says:

    afer you type the name “sarah palin” 20 or 30 times it starts to affect your mind in ugly ways. Like, i have this weird urge to find a moose and insult its ancestors.

  5. It looks like you are “nailin Palin” Charles! (sorry, couldn’t resist) :-D

  6. DEO says:

    Sarah Palin/Fabio 2012!

    Whoops, I mean…

    Sarah Palin/Sarah Palin 2012!

  7. MacDaddy says:

    Proving once again that the libturds who whine the most about Sarah Palin being the subject of so many news stories and blogs, are the very fools that keep bringing her name up.

  8. laytonian says:

    Libturds? How childish! Where did you learn that one? Hate radio?

    We LOVE Sarah! Don’t you understand? We WANT her to run in 2012! We hope she remains the face and mind of the right! We love it when her campaign consists solely to bashing other people (I’ll email that libturds thing to her! She’ll use it!)

    Palin 2012.
    I can’t wait for the debates

  9. Juan Ramon says:

    Couldn’t you figure out how to put a few NUDEs into the text. That NUDE, along with all the Sara Palin’s NUDE would surely have been picked up NUDE by the search bots.

    NUDE dude, NUDE

  10. Jeremy Trentelman says:

    If I have nightmares about Sarah Palin tonight… so help me Sarah Palin I will Sarah Palin you to the Sarah Palin With a Sarah Palin Sarah Palin!!!
    (your right though… Typing Sarah Palin so many times does something to you, And I only typed it 7 times, maybe I should pray for your soul)

  11. Susan says:

    That is the best damn Sarah Palin Sarah Palin I’ve read ever, so far. Also too!


  12. Smith says:

    I find it interesting you complain about Sarah P selling a book she didn’t write when all your Washington Libs are signing bills that they neither wrote nor read. But, I guess that just Democrat Politics as usual. The will of the special interests are all that really matter.

  13. Carl Kove says:

    Sam, all interests are” special”. If they appeal to you or you agree with them they are good. If you oppose the “special Interests” they are bad.

  14. ctrentelman says:

    Smith — to turn that around, I find it interesting that you complain about bills that people didn’t write or read (patriot act anyone?) but lionize a woman who is making a LOT of money selling a book she didn’t write and, for all we know, didn’t read.

    really, be consistent.

    I’ll happily condemn bills that people don’t write, especially if they were written by lobbyists for defense industries, health industries or agriculture industries. This is not a dem or rep thing — they all do it and it’s always wrong.

    Will you join me in condemning books being sold by people who didn’t write them?

  15. peter says:

    JFK speech writer Ted Sorensen actually wrote the book JFK “authored” called Profiles in Courage?

    But here’s the thing- Sarah Palin has popular appeal and the left can’t stand it.

    They remember how an ex actor and Ca. Guv named Ronald Reagan who didn’t go to an ivy league college and did not even write a book had popular appeal. He was an easy choice over Jimmy “444 days” Carter (interest rates were 20%).

    Sarah didn’t go to an ivy league college either. But she knows you can’t spend your way out of a recession.

    Nobody thought Ronald Reagan could ever beat a sitting President and it scares the Libs to death.

  16. Hyrum says:

    I’m waiting for the movie. The kind that can’t be distributed here in Utah.

  17. Darius says:

    Outstanding Collection of Sarah Palin nudes at this link, including many never before seen originals !!

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