Monday morning ranting

I think “Is it Friday yet” would be a good title for a blog that would run on Mondays — especially this late in the year and, friends and neighbors, is it just me or has it been an incredibly long year?

Yes it has.

A few random observations to start out the week.

Raise Taxes to support the war: I saw this little item on Yahoo news, click here in which Sen. Carl Levin says higher income brackets should have their taxes raised in order to pay for adding 40,000 troops to the Afghan war.

The math is simple. A troop overseas costs the US taxpayers a cool $1 million over and above his/her salary and training costs, mostly for support, transport and that whopping $250 or so a month combat pay they get. So 40,000 troops would costs about $40 billion more, and as we all know nobody wants to add to the future tax burden of our children by borrowing that money and kicking the debt down the street.

So, he says, we should raise taxes on the rich, who are making out pretty well these days even with the Recession, since they got some massive tax breaks under Reagan and Bush I and II.

I agree, but why stop there?

They should raise the upper bracket folk, yes, but that $40 billion should be assessed to everyone to some extent, rich and poor. Let it be a way for everyone in the nation to show their support for the war overseas. In fact, let approval of the new tax be a referrendum on the war: No new tax, no new troops. And if that means bring the ones there home again, hey, I can live with that too.

I should think the alleged-Republicans, especially, who support the war now would be all in favor of this, seeing as how they’re the ones really laying into Obama for the size of the deficit and his failure to balance the budget. The Democrats can see it as a way to get the nation to vote down the war, if it goes that way, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

On the Global Warming front, I see where everyone is all upset over some email that hackers stole from scientists who say global warming is reality. These emails, apparently, show the scientists holding global warming naysayers in low regard. Huge surprise there. I hold the naysayers in low regard, and nobody has to steal my email to find that out.

What’s a bigger surprise is how these emails are being payed attention to by anyone. 

Folks like Rush Limbaugh, who as we all know normally has high standards for rectitude and honesty and openness, for example, is touting them.

But these emails were stolen, right? That means they’re being presented to us by thieves, right?

Why should we believe that thieves have not altered, edited or otherwise manipulated these documents for their own good, the very thing they are accusing these scientists of doing?

No reason at all, but it gives Rush et al something else to yell about, never mind the contradictions.

Speaking of Holy Contradiction Batman, the whole kerfuffle over breast exams is a prime example. The allegedly-conservative types have been attacking Medical Reform for months, saying the costs of providing medical care for all those uninsured would outweigh the money saved by catching their diseases early, so from a fiscal standpoint it makes more sense to wait for folks to get sick.

So a federal panel says that about breast exams for women under 50, and suddenly those very same alleged-conservatives are screaming that keeping everyone, of every age, from getting a breast exam is rationing and death panels and really really bad.

And they do all this with a straight face, too. Go figure.

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3 Responses to Monday morning ranting

  1. Michael Trujillo says:

    Re: Raise taxes to support the war:
    One reason the costs are so high for support, too, is our heavy reliance on contractors now. The people feeding and housing the troops, moving their equipment around, maintaining the base, cleaning the messes, are mostly contractors. Find a way for the military to support themselves rather than handing out large contracts to 3rd party businesses, and we’ll be able to save some money.

  2. Dovie says:

    I have never understood why the war debt is no issue to these people. We will get nothing for the expenditure. It was a childish, machismo, “we won’t take that” response to 911 that involved attacking the wrong country. We sure showed them, dumping money and lives into their country. It’s embarrassing.

    Health care is not sustainable and will crash. Fixing it actually would give us a return. Compare the cost of change to the cost without change. The savings won’t be seen for at least a decade – nobody claims otherwise.

    Repubs say they want somebody farsighted, yet can’t see that there was something wrong with the Bush administration. They are 20/800, even in hindsight. I think that’s legally blind.

  3. laytonian says:

    When we have a war, we should have a draft. It’s that simple.

    NO exemptions for marriage, children, education or missionary status.

    The all-volunteer Army is fine during peacetime, when training exercises are enough to keep people sharp and when they can move their own equipment and take care of themselves.

    But when we’re stretched so thin that we’re paying contractors over $100K apiece to drive trucks and do poor plumbing (that kills our soldiers), WHY are we afraid of the draft.

    My husband, father and father-in-law all served during wartime and draft conditions. Today, we see the Army so desperate that they’ve recruited autistics, low-level felons and others who are incapable. Then, we wonder why PTSD is so high (are we sure that some of these guys were mentally-fit in the first place?)

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