Sen. Bennett & the Party of "No."

This really irritates the heck out of me.

Just got this press release from Sen. Bennett: 





WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) gave a speech on the Senate Floor today calling on Congress to scratch the current health care reform bills being debated, slow down and get it done right.


Click here to view the video on YouTube.

 I didn’t bother looking at the video. No need. And, really, they’re not listening to us, why bother listening to them?

After decades of refusing to address health care reform, refusing to discuss it, refusing to debate it or compromise on it or even consider it a problem, pausing only during the Clinton administration to fight it tooth and nail, the Republican Party is now saying “What, you want to fix this now? What’s your hurry?”

What they really want, of course, is to delay it until they can mix it in with politics of the next presidential election, which they seem to be conducting already. Delay it means kill it and then they can accuse Obama of not achieving anything, of failing the American people. Sadly, the American people seem to have the memories of gnats, so it just might work, and they know it.

Sen. Bennett seems to be jumping on the bandwagon — does this mean he’s even pulling his own proposal which has actually gotten a few favorable reviews? Probably.

Very discouraging.

And of course, the rest of his party is doing the same. Dana Milbank’s latest (click!) column on the meeting yesterday of the Senate Finace Committee, in which one prominent Republican started out saying “No, never” to the current already highly compromised proposal by Montana Sen. Max Baucus, and then promptly took a nap, pretty much says it all.

He’s not interested in talk. he’s not interested in an issue that’s important to all Americans. He’s going to say “no” because it’s not his party’s proposal, and then he’s going to sleep.

Our own Sen. Hatch, apparently ignoring my column’s own entreaty to, for once in his life, put country above party, seems to have decided to ignore me. Not that I’m surprised. 

He said:  “Let me begin this morning by first commending you and your staff for your sincere commitment to trying to find a bipartisan solution,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah). “I wish I could support it, but I can’t.”

In other words: “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable but I’ll still oppose it anyway.”

And yet these people have the unmitigated gall to be offended when they are called “The Party of No.”

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2 Responses to Sen. Bennett & the Party of "No."

  1. flatlander100 says:

    Exactly right. They have no interest in reaching a reasonable compromise on the matter. They’ve proposed no health care reform during the time they controlled both the WH and Congress. They’re not interested in any now. They never have been.

    It was the Republican Party that screamed the US was being delivered into the hands of socialism when Medicare was passed. They warned that our grandchildren would mark the day as the one on which American freedom died. They fought to kill Medicare in its cradle. And now, the same Party of No! has the gall to tell old folk that a national health care plan will “hurt medicare.” Talk about chutzpah….

    They opposed social security, and medicare, and workmens comp for those injured on the job, and unemployment insurance and minimum wage and…. the list goes on and on. You can write the history of the modern Republican party by listing reforms put through by Democrats, fought by Republicans, that are now so valued by the American people that Republicans warn that new programs will hurt all those programs they fought against but now claim they alone know how to save.

    The Hipocracy is enough to gag a maggot.

  2. laytonian says:

    “Start over!” ?

    I know why. Because the Republicans know they haven’t got enough old people right where they want them: misinformed, confused, lied to and fighting against their own interests.

    If they “start over”, that gives them time to lie more…and perhaps enroll more elderly teabaggers in the fight AGAINST Medicare and Social Security.

    The funny thing about Republicans is demonstrated by Chaffetz right now. He’s fighting against “body scanners” at the airport right now, and even started a brouhaha at the airport yesterday. “It’s an invasion of privacy!” (Like anyone in the double-blind body scanner line would be a bit interested in what someone’s fat-covered skeleton looks like.) Yet, if that same invasion of privacy involved a woman’s body or a gay person’s right to a legal union, then it’s perfectly fine.

    An even funnier thing about Republicans?
    They insist that healthcare is not a “right”….but when your name is Schiavo and you’ve been kept artifically alive for several years (at government expense) while your brain turns to a viscuous liquid, suddenly you are *forced* to have “healthcare”.

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