Texting in cars? A very harsh example.

This is rugged, but I wish everyone would watch it, especially the dummies I see behind me texting, phoning, or whatever:


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  1. Flatlander100 says:

    Thanks for posting this. Resonates with me since just yesterday, some [deleted out of deference to family readers] driving at me on 32nd Street drifted into my lane half a block away, phone up before his face. I sat on the horn, he jerked his car back into his lane, flashed me an abashed grin as he drove by. I wasn’t grinning.

    Also occurred to me as I watched the clip that, since this simulated crash happened in Great Britain, the survivors’ families would not have been bankrupted by the emergency and following medical care they received via Britain’s National Health Service. Set the same crash in the US and the odds that one or both families of the survivors would be bankrupted as a result of the already tragic crash would be fairly high.

    Thanks again for posting. Forwarding to my driving children. Now.

  2. Jim Hutchins says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very powerful.

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  4. Froggy says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was weepy by the time it ended. I’m pretty sure my kids are old enough — and smart enough — to know better, but am sending this to them so they can pass it along to others. You’ve done a good deed here.

  5. Mike Trujillo says:

    Very compelling. But, my sister was in a similar accident over twenty years ago. No cell phones. No ipods. No CD players. Just several girls in a car, doing girl stuff (which doesn’t include paying attention to the road).

    My brand new pick-up was totaled twenty years ago by three girls in another pick-up on an icy overpass. No cell phones. No ipods. No CD players.

    Picking on cell phones for causing auto accidents is like blaming Heavey Metal for causing teen suicides.

    But the video is very well done and shows the consequences of inattentive driving. I hope it saves some lives.

  6. Adele Smith says:

    Was this really simulated, as the first commenter suggests? Seems to me it was real–but with cameras in the cars?? Hmmm. Thanks for posting this, Charlie.

  7. Dan says:

    The video sends a message. Too bad the Weber County deputy I saw northbound on I-15 holding a drink cup, tapping on his computer while driving over 70 mph has not seen it.

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