Utah gets shorted on the beer summit

Once again Utah gets the short end of the stick because it insists in electing congressional representatives who don’t drink.

We really missed out big this time, too. Seriously, national attention could have been ours, folks.

There was President Obama, inviting that harvard dude and that cop to the White House to have a beer over their “teachable moment,” otherwise known as a massive screw-up all around, and the media immediately went into a frenzy over which beer they’d have. Bud light? Sam Adams?

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post i typical of the coverage, which seems to be hitting new lows in tastelessness (here-click!) considering the president was just trying to get the guys to talk to each other — is that bad?

What’s sad is our congressional representatives — Mormons all — could have used the moment to insert a neutral beer for them to drink — who could be offended by beer from Utah?

But the wonder of it all would have been when they got a glimps of my personal favorite — Polygamy Porter, complete with label featuring full frontal nudity (really! go look!) of the female pursuasion.

Utah would have made headlines that would have put the 2002 Olympic Games to shame. Fame would have been ours, or at least a lot of beer sales.

But no, our teetotalers in Congress were too busy sticking their heads in the sand over health care — which 300,000 of their constituents need, but who cares about them? — and they don’t drink anyway so they wouldn’t know Utah beer from shinola.

Which is just as well. More for me, but it’s still sad, what might have been.

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7 Responses to Utah gets shorted on the beer summit

  1. Casey Shultz says:

    The story you linked to was very entertaining. I’m pretty sure that Dana Milbank used every beer pun in existence.

  2. flatlander100 says:

    Polygamy Porter is a fine brew, and my preferred winter beer when I’m drinking up-market.. But it’s summer, and this was a FedGov event, and so I think perhaps another fine Wasatch brew might have been a better choice: “First Amendment Lager” — particularly given the implications of Prof. Gates’ arrest for what he said to the policeman.

  3. Cathy says:

    Hard Times Ale from Rooster’s might have been more appropriate …

  4. ” …who could be offended by beer from Utah?” Me. 3.2% beer is a sin.

  5. Mark Shenefelt says:

    I’m just wondering how long it will take the birthers to investigate Obama’s choice of beer. Bud Light? Isn’t Budweiser owned by foreigners now!?! Heh.

  6. flatlander100 says:

    For I think the first time, I want to announce my complete, total and entirely unequivocal agreement with Rev. Humphrey. 3.2 beer is not what God intended beer to be.

  7. dan s. says:

    Utah’s 3.2 microbrews are among the best, and only negligibly weaker than many from out of state. There are better things to complain about.

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