More on Fake ID, and FOX makes fun of fat people

A couple of random items sure to irritate someone:

CAN YOU PROVE YOU ARE LEGAL: Several people responded to my blog yesterday about proving your are a US citizen to the nice folks at ICE when one of their over-eager agents decides that your accent is not “American” enough, or something.

The blog linked to a San Francisco Chronicle story about actual US Citizens who got seized and even deported when they couldn’t prove they were citizens because ICE locked them up without a phone or lawyer, or they were mentally incompetent, or they did prove it and ICE appealed anyway.

Ugly.  Anyway, several people said they carry passports and/or driver licenses and so feel safe.  They should not.

Purely as an educational exercise, and not condoning the practice at all, google the words “replica driver license” some time. You will find a plethora of sites  that guarantee to sell you, for entertainment purposes only, a replica license for $50 to $100 of any state you care to name, complete with all security measures. Group discounts, too, for your terror cells out there. Several also offer passports.

Other items are even easier — police badges, ecclestical ID cards — please, do not insult me.

Passports are a bit tricker, but if you can get the local bureau of vital statistics to give you a birth certificate of someone who is your same age and race, but who died young, you’re in like Flynn. And, as the Secret Service is discovering, if anyone with a high-quality printer and computer can crank out pretty darn good $100 bills, a birth certificate that can pass muster with a hassled bureaucrat should be easy.

While I won’t run a link to the sites, here’s a USA Today story discussing the situation, just so you don’t think I’m making this stuff up: (click here!)

ON ANOTHER MATTER  — The nice folks at FOX TV have come up with another reason, as if I needed one, to never, ever, hook the digital converter up to what used to be  a TV in my basement but is now an occasional video/dvd portal and dust collection experiment. It’s a “reality” show called “More to Love,” essentially a dating game for fat people.

One would thing “The Biggest Loser” would have been enough of this, but as Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales (no slender wand himself) makes clear in a rather nasty review, (click here) the opportunities for ridicule just gush all over this thing, and he seems to be saying that that’s the real reason FOX made the show.

Considering that the shows featuring skinny people bordered on soft porn at times — I saw all those models in the hot tub with skimpy suits they featured in ads for “The Bachelor” that littered late night TV before my set died — I have to agree. Prurient interest is the whole point of these shows.

The show’s producers claim they’re doing this with good taste and sensitivity but, really, who do they think they’re kidding? There was a time when comedy troupes (Think the movie Time Bandits by a couple Monty Python members) said, in a satiracle sort of way, that TV contest shows would eventually end up making fun of their contestants in really cruel ways.

We seem to have reached the point where satire is reality.

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4 Responses to More on Fake ID, and FOX makes fun of fat people

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    The Fox show, I’m sure will be couched as a “teachable” show about self respect and love, but like most “reality” shows, it will be condescending. These shows are today’s version of carnival acts and flea circuses generations ago.

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  3. Ethel says:

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  4. WendyLou says:

    I watched last week’s episode and got half way through tonight’s. I shut it off, because I felt so sorry for the women. Many of them had never dated and had hung their hearts on the one guy between however many of them. They are just going to be shattered.

    As a person with extra pounds I have a lot of sympathy for them. But I don’t want to watch them be absolutely destroyed.

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