Do anti-environmentalists lack the irony gene?

I got a fun email today from a group calling itself the “Competative Enterprise Institute,” which claims to be all about saving us from encroaching government and evils of whoever it is picking on this week.

The email, really a press release, says that this is the 60th anniversary of George Orwell’s book “1984,” which painted a pretty horrific vision of the future: Massive government control that stays in power by continual fear mongering. In this case, it says, the environmental movement, led by Al Gore, is trying to bring about one-world government through environmental restrictions.

It then goes on to use those very same tactics to make its point:

“CEI’s 90-second video campaign dramatizes this threat. The video follows in the steps of Apple Computer’s 1984 Super Bowl ad and the 2007 anti-Hillary Clinton “Vote Different” parody. It shows – in place of Big Brother – Al Gore lecturing a captive audience on the need to crack down on energy use, economic growth and personal freedom.
“Mr. Kazman stated: “Orwell’s nightmarish society rested on a never-ending war fought on constantly shifting battlefronts. Nothing in our experience comes closer to that war than the current campaign to restrict humanity’s carbon footprint.”
Does this mean Al Gore is the next Big Brother? Only in these guys minds. It’s ironic they use the same tactics they criticize in order to get what they want.
So, to avoid being led down the path by people painting the enemy as big and scary, they’re showing us videos that paint Al Gore as big and scary. What next, a regularly scheduled hate session?
These people attack Al Gore, of course, because Al Gore is a politician and, most recently, an entertainer. It’s easy to attack him.
What they don’t attack, because they can’t, is the very good science, done in thousands of peer-reviewed publications, that shows that environmentalism better get off its butt fast or the world is in for a very hard time in the not very distant future.
That won’t take one-world government, it will take universal awareness. Since the role of government is to lead, that means government will have to educate.
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5 Responses to Do anti-environmentalists lack the irony gene?

  1. dan s. says:

    Excellent. I see that we Environmentalists have successfully brainwashed at least one Standard-Examiner reporter. Soon we will rule the world! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

  2. Cathy says:

    The anti-environmentalists are lacking a great many things… where do we start…? ;)

    Most of these so-called “freedom” groups are actually front groups for big industry, which wants the freedom to continue to make outrageous profits without alerting anyone to the fact that their products are unhealthy or even flat-out dangerous. Big tobacco, big fast food, big corn… follow the money trail. Center for Consumer Freedom ( is a prime example. You only have to read their web site to see how ridiculous they are, but they operate by telling people that nothing is wrong, fat people aren’t really fat, and everyone has a right to destroy themselves and the planet, in pursuit of “freedom.” Any attempt to educate the public or curb the industries that are making Americans unhealthy is seen as a “slippery slope” to losing more freedom. Fear mongering indeed. I wonder how many morbidly obese people with diabetes feel particularly “free.”

    The good news is that these groups recognize the fact that consumers are ultimately the dictators of what is produced and how it is produced. That is why they want consumers to know as little as possible about their industries and products, as possible.

  3. ctrentelman says:

    oh yea, i couldn’t tell, from its web site, who the CEI is fronting for, but you can bet its someone big.

    Their goal is to keep pushing the big lie until answering it becomes part of the debate so the real issues can’t be debated. We’re seeing the same thing in the GOP’s current push to scream “socialism” and Newt Gingrich’s statements that the Obama economic efforts have already failed.

  4. Mathias says:

    That’s right! Because big bad industry sponsors some libertarian think tanks it is inescapably logic that the global cooling that’s been going on over the past ten years is a fantasy of big bad Cheney-linked Halliburton!!!!!!!

    We must immediately manifest megalomania and PROTECT THE CLIMATE, or as Pelosi say, ROLL-BACK GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

    HA HA HA!! I’m sure you gonna have a good time rolling back global warming. Once you’ve done that, you might slow the rotation of planet Earth so you will age a little slower. Great! And then you start protecting space from … whatever, as long as you protect it. Just to show how good you are.

    Get real! Cheney is an asshole, yet climate change is not man’s business!!! Is that too complicated for you?!

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