Godfrey hates ski companies? And thrift is good.

Two things today:

Today’s news story that Mayor Matthew Godfrey is blaming sewer rate hikes on “environmentalists” is an interesting exercise in political scapegoating, not to mention two-faced political speak. George Orwell would be proud.

Godfrey says he’s all about clean rivers, but then blames the overly restrictive regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency for causing sewer rates to go  up. The Central Weber Sewer District needs the money to up grade its treatment plant to meet new regulations, so blame the environmantalists?

Godfrey needs to be careful about who he criticizes here: The ski companies and outdoor recreation companies he so ardently courts are composed of, and cater to customer bases of, ardent environmentalists to a large degree. If he criticizes environmentalism too loudly, word will get out that Ogden is not friendly to lovers of the environment, or that its professed love is a Potempkin Village, and companies that cater to those lovers of the environment will take their business elsewhere.

You can’t have it both ways Matt.

On another tack:

The Washington Post had yet another in a continuing series of stories today on how people are dealing with the recession. Apprently being thrifty is back in vogue. Its story finds some formerly spendthrifty people who have now discovered how much fun it is to be thrifty. The story, called “A Race to Keep Up With the Tightwads”  can be found here (click!).

My take: When will the WaPo and others do a story on the real heroes of this recession: Those of us who have always lived under our means, who have always avoided debt, who have always saved, and who now, as a result, haven’t had to cut back our spending one iota.

These stories sound like members of the Vanderbilt family saying how thrift they are being by having the servants open the windows at night instead of turning on the air conditioning. It’s nice to see people finally getting thrifty, but these stories make it sound like a craze, like  hoola hoops, that everyone will do for a while and then go back to the old ways.

Meanwhile, the rock base of the economy, people who have always lived responsibly, will continue to do so, even as the government spends our tax dollars to clean up the mess caused by people like these newly converted coupon clippers.

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7 Responses to Godfrey hates ski companies? And thrift is good.

  1. Cathy says:

    I agree, it’s not saying much if your only boast is that you can conserve during times of scarcity. It’s like bragging that you always eat less during a famine.

    But I think you give Godfrey too much credit. He’s just following vogue — it’s become fashionable to blame the “environmentalists” for everything, particularly here in Utah.

  2. Jim Hutchins says:

    Funny, I thought my water and sewer rates were going up to pay for tanks on 36th that no one ordered, no one needs, and no one got approval for.

    I thought that it was the chronic mismanagement and bungling of the Godfrey Administration, for example ignoring the Water Horizons report recommendations that were paid for with water fees, then ignored.

    Now I see it was “the environmentalists” that caused all these problems. It’s so much clearer to me now.

  3. dan s. says:

    While it’s possible that the mayor had planned all along to blame the rising sewer rates on environmentalists, I suspect it was actually an impromptu attempt to personally attack me. After all, I have done a few things lately that could conceivably have gotten on his nerves.

  4. Jim Hutchins says:

    Yes, Dan, having citizens who are aware and asking questions about the management of taxpayer revenues can really irk a Mayor.

  5. dan s. says:


    If anything in my comments (on that topic) bothered the mayor, it was the way I rebutted his old campaign talking point about lowering property taxes. But I never mentioned him personally or even said who had made such a claim.

    More importantly, I’ve done a few other things lately that he may not especially appreciate.

  6. Adele Smith says:

    Reminds me of the rich little girl who was asked to read, in front of her class, a story she’d written. It began: “Once there was a very poor family. The butler was poor, the maid was poor, the cook was poor. . . . “

  7. steve says:

    when will people see that matt godfrey clearly isn’t human, but a living zombie
    just look at the man, with his beady red eyes. his pale, cold skin, and and complete emotional distance from those around him.

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